Article: Community Edition & T:ANE - Q&A


Just out of idle curiosity, why would this be a question? When all previous versions were released, the FCT status was not affected so why would it be affected this time?

I'm finding it difficult to find any information on T:ANE at all and especially in the way that it relates to the "Family" of Trainz users... I tend to just play with my Trains12 and not really spend a lot of time in or on the, as a result of that I accept that I could be missing out on that information.

I guess when I saw that they have offered a 6 month FCT as a part of the deal to buy T:ANE, It just made me just a little curious as to whether that was a hint that my FCT possibly may not be valid with the new version.

I agree with you though Martin, it has carried through the other versions and I expect that to happen this time.
Cheers, Paul.
$$$$$$ it all comes down to that $$$$ figure

I plan on getting a laptop with two hard drives - one SSD for TANE and one (probably hybrid) for everything else. When it comes to putting a game on a SSD, I see some SSDs advertised as 128GBs x 3 or 4 w/RAID. I look at my current TS12 folder and see that it takes up 252GB, so I'm thinking a 256 would be cutting it too close. I'd like to get 512GB, but not every laptop offers a solid 512, many come with multiple 128s labeled as 512. Would you be able to install the game over multiple SSDs like that? Seems that you would need a truly singular 512GB SSD (or 256 at min). That also leads to the question - does a hard drive perform slower as it fills up? Will it run faster when it's half full than when it's 90+% full? Final question on SSDs: I'm sure it would be better to have an internal SSD, but what about putting TANE on an external SSD to plug-in? Would you see a big loss in performance that way?

I've seen people mention having two separate video cards, under the same pretense as using two hard this possible in a laptop? I'm no computer engineer, but I'd assume the laptop doesn't have space for that. If you're going with a higher-end card, such as a GTX870(M) on up through a 980(M), would that one video card be enough for the whole system? Or will I need a dedicated video card just for TANE?

Would there be much gain in performance with 16 GB of RAM, over 8? I see that 4 is required, so I figured 8 would be nice. Didn't know if splurging for 16 would be worth the extra dough. Also, if I went with 16, would I be better off with 8x2 or 4x4? Same goes for 8 - 8x1 or 4x2?

When it comes to an OS, should one opt for Windows 7 or 8 for TANE? I was hoping to wait for Windows 10, but it sounds like that won't be out until end of 2015. I'm leaning towards sticking with W7, unless the beta testers with W8 are reporting no issues... Most gaming laptops don't have touch screens - is this an issue with W8? I plan on plugging in a mouse and using it like every other laptop.

Considering that community edition will be out in about 3 weeks, I'd like to get on ordering a new laptop (especially if I can take advantage of some sales this weekend). Thanks for the help!

Chase Z.

What can I say - sounds like one of your problems is limitation to a laptop, whilst some higher end laptops have great features but I think a desktop pc is what you need, I don't think you would be able to fit what is installed in a high end gaming pc, and then as I said "it all boils down to the $$$$$$$$$ you are able or want to spend
Hi rrfoose I have experimented with SSD's to do it right to get the extra speed, your operating system has to be on the SSD, the 128gb is no where big enough if you ar using w​indows 7, even if you have an i7, and that is a must for your laptop if that is the only way that you can play, then you would need an extremely hi end graphics card, then using a hybrid hard drive, that is a hard drive with an ss for loading and unloading data. A 512GB SSD would be ok if you can afford the high speed one. I run three hybrids, 1TB, and 2 x 2TB 16g ram, and a factory over-clocked graphics card. I am not sure if you could get that much in a lap top.
When trying to install from the Tanes Sp1 CD I get the error "Unable to Create data file {Result-10,dst:'C:/program Files/N3V Games/installer'}
I tried to create this folder, my computer would not accept the "/" between games and installer.
Need help to install.