Activities for the Marias Pass

Evening, all.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some extra activities for HP-Trainz Marias Pass Route X. I've explored the works of hiawathamr on the DLS, but haven't found any others by way of searching/ Does anyone know of some good ones i could try out?

Now, if the "View Route Sessions" option is TS12's Content Manager found not only activities already installed into my game, but also ones available on the DLS, that'd be great, but it only shows activities that i have installed, which kinda negates the effect of having it there.

I'm open to any and all suggestions, as always.

Hi Chris,
I would first want to thank you for enjoying the session I currently have to offer on the DLS. I'm still trying to find a few new sessions to add to the Marias Pass Route X since I can't update them to the latest version of the route. I exported all of the sessions that was offered for Railworks because like you, I wanted extra activities for the route than the default sessions that came. If I find anymore train simulator games that has the route, I'll try to export them as well.
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