What's your favorite tourist railroad steam engine?

Post your favorite steam engines till in use today/recently, basically anything that ever pulled excursions or worked for a tourist railroad.

Mine are:

SRC 89
RDG 2102
RBMN 425
SRC 475
SRC 90
Going to sound like a stereotypical Aussie railfan here, but there can only be one choice:


When I was about 3 years old it came into Brisbane (with 3830 I believe - we're talking around 1988) and my grandfather carried me through the crowd and lifted me up into the hands of a very surprised driver. I'll have to see if I can dig up the old Polaroid when I visit them next.
I'll nominate the New Hope and Ivyland's Baldwin 2-8-0 #40:



Followed by Black River and Western ALCo 2-8-0 #60:

mine are the
southern railroad 4501
southern railroad 630
TVRM lima-built 610
T&P 610
SP 4449
Mt.rainier scenic Railroad 2-8-2 #5,17 and newly restored #70 which is a former Rayonier lumber company engine.
southern Railroad PS-4 pacific 1401.
Alco 2-8-4 Berkshire in both Southern & C&O 2716
2-8-4 1225
NKP 765
southern 2-8-0 722
2-8-0 1702 of the great smoky mountains railroad
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Ffestiniog Railway Linda and Blanche. Originally built for hauling fairly modest slate trains on the Penrhyn Railway these locos were acquired by the FR in the 60s and now regularly pull packed summer tourist trains along the line the Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Probably what I'd rate the "best" excursion train experiences I ever had was riding one of the N&W's "Farewell to Steam" excursions, in July of 1959 when I was six. N&W #611 was suppose to pull the train, but tickets sold like hotcakes and the train's length grew to 14 cars, exceeding what the 611 could handle, and the railroad substituted two (count 'em, two) N&W articulated locomotives at the last minute. I was disappointed at first but the sights and sounds of a huge Class A pulling the train into the Bluefield station made change my mind. The "A" pulled the train from Bluefield, WV, to the wye at Iaeger, WV, then on the return trip back (upgrade) to Bluefield a N&W Class Y6b Mallet took over. For a few hours that day, I thought I'd died and gone to steam train heaven! :)

Below, Class A #1240 pulls into Bluefield.

The photo run-by was awesome! The Y6b #2174 put on a real show crossing the massive Trace Fork viaduct. Halfway across, the Y's front drivers started slipping (badly!) and it seemed like the Y's exhaust shot up a mile in the sky!

One of the best parts of the trip was riding in the open gondola cars on the rear of the train, getting covered up with cinders while watching the train snake through the rugged terrain of the Pocahontas Division!