"Cornelia to Franklin". Edited & Customized by: steamdog1234


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I have had a route called "Cornelia to Franklin" Which i did not make. I forgot the Creators Username sadly.
I have customized it from its original Download State.
Basically "Cornelia to Franklin" Is the Route of the Tallulah Falls Railroad (1898 or 1897 - 1961) From Cornelia Georgia to
Franklin North Carolina. Since i have downloaded the Map/Route it has changed a lot from when i downloaded it.
I changed the Tracks, Added some stations, Recently Textured the Entire map with a Base Texture from which i can
Add more Textures on top of it, Before i added the Main or Base Texture the only textures on the map where
for ballast. I also Lengthend the Tracks that DON NOT Connect to the Main Railroad. i added two portals on that track section.
I have worked some on the Gorge & Added a Water falls there. The Gorge has had a lot of Work done to it.
And although it may not be Accurate there is a lake at the End of the Gorge with an oil rig.
I have worked at the Area marked on the route named "Tallulah Falls" by adding roads in the town & Crossing the tracks
to the Mountains on the other side. I added a Xing at that point.
There are few buildings in Tallulah Falls on the Map at the moment. The Town of Cornelia has only two or three houses, a Station,
And a Wye where a Freight train sits. I have to find Waters Ways & Put those in, Add trees, Put more Bridges over the Water
Ways, Add Buildings, Major & Minor Yards, Industry, Etc..., Some roads, Work on some Scenery near The tracks, Some
Farms, Work on Towns by adding Buildings & Stations at each town. I might add some Logging works because the
Real Tallulah Falls Railroad Had some logging at a certain point on its route. I have to Work on Coal & Water Points,
And Diesel Fuel Points too. The Real Tallulah Falls Railroad in its later years had 2 GE 40 Tonners That Replaced 4 steam Locomotives. I have to add Telegraph & Telephone poles Along the route. The Real Tallulah Falls Railroad had two telegraph lines, One for Railroad/Railway Use only & one with Western Union. I have to add some Houses out side of towns that would've
been where off gridders lived, I have to add In Tallulah Falls Some Wooden Hotels. I have made my mind up to have the Route
Based in the present. By Which having it Rebuild (Pretending) Along its route from Cornelia to Franklin.
So it will have some Modern Touches like Snow Plough Trucks (Roads Only), Modern Machinery like Excavators, Bulldozers,
MOW Crane trucks, Rail Cranes (Cranes on Wheels (I Have a hard time with descriptions)), Steam Shovels With Work cars etc...
Then the Old Fashioned Touches Like Steam Locomotives, Telegraph Wires, Some Horse Wagons & Buggies, Older Cars Like Model T's, Model A's, & Model AA's. There might be some things like Section Housing (Little Huts) Steam Donkeys,
And a Rotary Snow Plough too.
I have a lot to do left. Since the Real Tallulah Falls Railroad in the mid to late 1950's was host to Walt Disney's "The Great Locomotive Chase" Movie. I Might add these Locomotives: "The General", "The Texas", And "The Yonah". The Yonah Engine
Was used in the Real Locomotive Chase on the Western & Atlantic Railroad (W & A RR). In the Movie Walt Disney used a
4-2-0 Locomotive. The three locomotives I listed weren't the ones used in the Movie. Instead the a 4-4-0 & the 4-2-0 came from
the B&O Railroad Museum & the Other 4-4-0 came from Nevada.
I might add a W & A RR Combine & Coach in the mix behind "The General". "The General" (In real-life) Is preserved In the
"The Locomotive & Civil War Museum" in Kennsaw Ga ( I think it was Kennsaw ). And "The Texas" Is preserved in
(I think) Either Brasstown Bald or Stone Mountain Or some where else. (I forget) "The Yonah" Sadly never was preserved. She was scrapped. The Yonah was a Older Steam Locomotive too!.
The Area where the Chase took place (In 1862) Is Not used by Trains today. The Tracks it took place on have been Marked with Key spots of the chase. The Tracks are not used today from what i read. The Locomotive chase Is a famous U.S. Civil War
event where A man we know as Mr. Andrews With Union Spies Got on the Passenger Train the General Was pulling. The where in Normal Clothes (No Uniforms or any thing flagging them as Union Troops). When the General Stopped for Lunch,
Mr. Andrews & The Union Spies Stole the General with three Box cars in tow. Mr. Andrews & The Union Spies Where to
Destroy The Western & Atlantic Railroad by Destorying tracks, Cutting Telegraph Lines, Burning Bridges etc...
They Couldn't burn any of the Bridges due to Rain the day before. The Engineer of the General Flagged down the Texas
Which was going the Opposite Direction as the General was, So to chase the General The Texas Raced after the General in
Reverse. The Famous Andrews Raiders Uncoupled A box car then another (After some time) & The third car the un-coupled & Set fire to it but the Texas pushed all three of the cars. The General was still on the Run & The Texas ran out of steam.
So Then The Yonah was Used to chase after the General. The General Ran out of steam & The Andrews Raiders Ran on foot.
The Yonah Ran out of steam so the Chasers Used a Hand Cart to catch up. The Raiders & Mr. Andrews were caught
And taken to a Confederate PoW (Prisoner of War) prison. All of the Raiders Except Mr. Andrews Received A High Ranking
Award for their Actions during the Event known as "The Great Locomotive Chase" In the year of 1862 during the U.S. Civil War.


P.s. I have placed the Three Engines "The General", "The Texas", & "The Yonah" In the Route.
Also All Content Used was not made by me AND There is NO PROFIT OR FAKING OWNERSHIP Of the Content used.
All Respects to the Content Creators of the Content Used.