What is your preferred time to use Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS)?


We are trying to determine when our Trainz team should be online in Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS) updating KSC2 to HD terrain to showcase the new features to all Trainz Plus / MPS users and allow them to learn from the team.

If you are interested, please select from one of the following options so we can work towards locking in a time: https://forms.gle/xbAmDfeNqDMQPQWF7
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As a general rule: Don't expect abbreviations to be commonly know, even if you use them very frequently.

I am a very frequent visitor of this forum and I have no clue what "MPS" or "KSC2" stand for.
I guess MPS is "Multiplayer Surveyor" but KSC2 is that version 2 of a Kansas City route?
I am going to guess they are new and funky features for Trainz that I have been reading a lot about but have managed to not get the abbreviation for.

But to answer your question:
You have access to all purchase orders of your products. So you know in what times zones all your customers are. You likely have a log of the DLS usage, which could also act as a clear indicator most people are online / actively using your product. Figure out what times fits most.
Alternatively do so as my previous company did: Run a session for APAC (Asia Pacific), EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) and the Americas. (And yes, they usually used a recording for at least one of the regions or parts of the session so you don't have to be online 3 times).
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Voting Done. KSC2 is Kickstarter County 2 which is the only route currently available in Multi Player Surveyor.