Multiplayer Surveyor Sessions - Come Kick It In Kickstarter County 2




Be a part of the route upgrade online in multiplayer surveyor.

Watch and chat live with the team as they upgrade KSC2 with the latest Trainz Plus features like HD Terrain.

Make suggestions on how KSC2 should be extended, learn from experts using Surveyor 2.0 or jump in and add your own flavour to the route by helping the Trainz team transform the route.

Users must own Trainz Plus to participate.



During each session we will be available to chat with all users taking part in the sessions.
Communication will take place both in-game and via the “mps-general-chat” DISCORD channel.


Trainz Plus users should make sure they have the latest build in order to take part in these MPS sessions! HERE are the latest build numbers.

You will also need to download the dependency package "MPS - KSC2 HD Terrain Dependency Package" or "simc:1310" from the Launcher -> Content Store.

There are two ways to make sure you are entering the correct route.

- On the main menu click the “Driver / Surveyor” menu option.
- In the search type in “kickstarter”.
- In the route list, click on the card that has the title “Kickstarter County 2 (HDT/TLR)”. Up near the search input field you will see an “i” icon. Hover over that and the selected route kuid should say “<kuid:678456:930>”.
- Click on “Edit Route” and you will enter the MPS route.

- Under the Trainz Launcher, click Trainz Settings.
- Navigate to the Dev tab.
- Check the box “Enable advanced debug tools”.
- Close Trainz and restart the application.
- Under Launcher, click the Developer menu and select the option “OpenURL...”
- Paste the below URL into the box that shows and click ok to load into the route.

You can enter the route right now. All new users are guests and do not have edit access yet. We will give users edit access during the MPS sessions.

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I know it's early, but I've just followed the instructions:-

There's a MPS - KSC HD Terrain Dependency Package to download - this detials look really good (no editing!)
Reminder to follow the instructions in the original post to get into the route. Session starts in 10 hours from now!
For those of you joining in todays MPS sessions, it starts in 1 hour!

Be sure to communicate in-game via the chat or in the "mps-general-chat" Discord channel.
Well its the 7th August and 20.11 in the UK and nothing showing on the Kickstarter route???

Seems N3V have their times wrong it should be 9.00PM or 21.00 for two hours!!
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Route will not start due to faulty package, 15 red doted files that are required.
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The package of MPS dependencies are also on the purchased tab of the Content Store. You might be able to either uninstall and re-install there or just install from there.
Good idea I am trying it now

That seems to work don't know because now I missed the session and will not load.
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Server crashed and is down for the moment. Word is that it might be back up later tonight if you are up late. They were asking for people to do a stress test. Seems a dozen users all editing an HD route at the same time caused it to go boom. Let the op know if you want to help. All these sessions are being recorded and will be on the N3V YouTube channel for later watching if you miss them all. The best way to watch is to use Discord for audio, there is an MPS Test sub channel you can join.
MPS Servers are back up and a fix is in place based around our first KSC2 session crash. This isn’t to say it has solved the issue completely but we should at least be able to bring the servers back up if we encounter the “client freeze” issue again, in theory anyway.

So while the KSC2 MPS events are meant to teach you all about using MPS, Surveyor 2.0 and help update the Kickstarter County 2 route to HD Terrain, today's session will be more of a sandbox testing session to see how the MPS server changes hold up. That said, if there are teachable moments we will definitely be showing off some of the new features and we will be updating KSC2 as we go but the primary goal of today is to see if the MPS servers can hold up against a larger number of users all editing in MPS.

We look forward to seeing as many people in the KSC2 MPS route if you can make it.

The next KSC2 MPS session starts in an hour but we will probably be playing in the route from now through to midday AEST (so for about 3 hours today at least).

MPS maintenance update finished today so MPS sessions are back in business!
We will continue on with MPS sessions starting this Friday at 10am AEST. It will be a good test to get everyone back in there editing to see how this major update holds up.
All the information can be found on the MPS website:
See you all in the MPS session!
Wasted hours trying to join current MPS session as the latest beta builds (e.g. 122912) don't work with the session. Says any Trainz Plus build in the promo, BUT You need Trainz Plus 122411 (PC) standard build to join. So I downloaded that and installed to a separate SSD only to find that the current login authentication system is not working. Have to say that this has been a very frustrating experience - especially since I set the time aside to participate in this MPS session in an otherwise busy Friday schedule.