What is this error please?


Sphenodon Punctatus

In the screenshot the train has stopped on the main line to conduct a shunt. Just by the little hut on the left is a hot box detector that talks. The shunt involves the train moving backwards and forwards over the detector and eventually I get the following error report...

Usually I select "continue" and everything works fine but I'm trying to peddle this session to the DLS and I really don't want error reports like this flashing up on the screen. Is there any way around this?


Most common when I have seen this error, a rolling stock item has script that is not compatible with the version of trainz that you are running. If you are running Trainz Classics open up Content Dispatcher and look thru it for defective rolling stock items either repair them so they have no errors or ummm you will have to delete them. That hot box detector of yours may have this ailment it may have to go.

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I presume you mean one of the items of rolling stock that has actually gone over the detector not just every item in the session?


It looks like of the cars that have gone over the "hot box". It looks like TRS2006 as the Classics menus are brown/red.
It might be a sound file link though as it has "Talk" in the error report.