Trainz Plus Beta Mac & PC - 125919 & 125920 (Content Creators Update)

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I'm using build 125920. It's too soon to give the green light on this series of updates which fixes the confused AI drivers: stopping, backup, and other random adventures. But I will at this point at least show a yellow light. AI driven trains seem to be behaving much better and for the most part go where you want them to go. A few hiccups, but a few extra track marks seem to fix these issues to AI's satisfaction.

Still not getting the bulk replace to work properly. For example, when I tried to replace some speed boards it also replaced some signals with speed boards. Perhaps I don't understand the fine points in making bulk replace work.
It's still a yellowish light for me as well. I was able to drive my smaller Gloucester Terminal Electric route for hours the other night without any hiccups other than those caused by my own inept driving skills.

Bulk update works okay for me for large areas but is still broken for selected areas in Classic Surveyor. I tried the new replace assets method in Surveyor 2.0 and it worked okay for me. I think you may have had some technical difficulties.
I don't know how you attempted the bulk replace but I just tried it with some of my speed boards and it worked perfectly. Only the ones I selected were replaced.
  1. In the Filter Palette select (tick box on) the speed board(s) you want to replace
  2. In the Assets Palette highlight the asset (only one can be selected) to be used for the replacement
  3. Right click on the asset in the Asset Palette and select Bulk Update/Replace
Using the Filter Palette will take a bit of mastering but once you have the hang of it. Use the filter drop down box, object icons and the search text box (all will be visible when the small arrowhead is clicked) to narrow down the search
  1. Ctrl + A will select (highlight) all the assets listed
  2. While they are all highlighted a left click on any one of the tick boxes will toggle them all off while another click with toggle them all on again.
  3. When they are all toggled off left click on an asset name to cancel the highlighting
  4. Then left click on each empty tick box to toggle it on to select that/those asset(s)
Once you have all the assets to be replaced ticked in the Filter Palette, the filter control drop down box can be set to Filter Disabled to free up the Asset Palette search controls.

In the Assets Palette type in a search text to narrow down the list of assets then select (highlight) the asset to be used as the replacement.
Thanks for the detailed instructions. I will give it another try and see if this resolves my issue.
does anybody have this build freeze when taking a screenshot with show screenshot immediately checked.
when un-checked does not freeze.
Just tried it with the show screenshot option ON and OFF. It did not freeze.

Are you also clicking the Upload button after the screenshot display appears? Since the Gallery is having technical issues that may be the cause of the freeze (just a theory).
Thank you for all your feedback, as we have a new Trainz Plus Beta available, this thread is now locked.

Please post comments on the new thread.

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