West from Denver speed limits


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Finally got TRS22 operational - mercifully, everything works without a hitch, save for bugs that were already in TRS19 (on downloaded non-built-in routes, I'm still prompted to save a whole new route or save changes to the route, when all I did was create a session and haven't even clicked anything yet). However, having made a session on the West from Denver route, I noticed every single speed limit is registered as 62 MPH/100 KPH. Did I just miss an extra rule I was supposed to add, or are my speed signs just broken? This is in North Yard, Denver.

I suggest you open the config file of your session and replace the route ID with your KUID by the one of the original route. Then you can delete the new route you have been forced to create.
All you need to do is as HPL suggests add the driver speed rule in the session and set up the drivers for the trains you have in the session.
Express passenger /standard or slow freight.
Well, got WfD working, but every time I try the method HPL suggested for session creation using the base session on Marias Pass, it still brings up this menu...


-cloned the base session in CM
-tried to make edits
-saved the edited clone
-it still prompts me to save a new route
For some reason Trainz sometimes (often) forces to create a new route when you only create a single session without modifying anything on the route (this glitch has been reported several times...). It happens with any type of route, even home-made ones. The only way to get rid of the cloned route is to apply the method I detailed above.

As an example, for "Marias Pass Route X", when you are prompted to "Save new route and session", click OK. Then in CM, delete it (your freshly created session is now "Faulty" as it has missing dependancy). Open its config file and replace the route ID with your KUID (two occurrences) by the KUID of the original route. Submit.

If you don't do this, the session you created will work, but the route you have been forced to create has only one session, and if you want to play the original sessions you have to open the other route (the original one).