Well Done to the designer of the West from Denver - Moffatt Route!!

Jango & Co.

Iam very impressed with the level of scenery creation on this route !
I agree wholeheartedly with all the kudos that I have seen in this thread.

However, I am Trainz Driver lover. I do my driving in Real Cab Mode.
I do have a couple of questions;
1. I see sections of grade that exceed 4%....is this an accurate representation?
2. When up in the mountains, I see curves that are much too toy like and detract from the overall excellence of the route.

I do realize my perspective is warped by watching lots of U tube cab ride videos.

Also, I just tried to run the East Bound Ski Train and the signals are all red and abort the session........

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I am afraid Jango is unavailable at the moment, I will try to respond on his behalf. The route is based on transdem maps, the grades are representative of the route as near as it is possible to recreate them in a sim.. The track was originally built in the early 1900's and so allowed for Steam power so steep grades were acceptable.

I am also a real cab mode rivet counter and yes some of the bends are tight and again that follows the actual route as near as possible and when the route was cut through the mountains by Mr Moffat's workmen I am sure that the cost was a very serious consideration and there are already a lot of very costly tunnels and cuttings on the route so if a 2-6-6-0 Mallet could cope with the bend then I guess it was laid rather than cutting more rock.

My view is also warped from doing a lot of work on Jangos TZIT Rollins Pass route which of course went over the mountain rather that through the Moffat tunnel and is based in 1910 winter with as much authentic rolling stock as we could muster.

I note your comment on the signalling, I made the original Amtrak sessions for the WfD route in TRS19 during the development of the Beta route and the signals all worked but because I was using DLS P42DC locomotives with signal warning implemented I had to set up some of the signals to allow the warning system to accept them. I have however seen a post from N3V saying they had found two (I think) bugs with the signal in TRS22 so I have no idea if they are fixed in the current release or not. I suggest you submit a bug report to the support desk about the signal as this is not the first time I have seen this issue raised.

Many thanks for your detailed explanations !
Also a big Thank You for your work on the route and signalling.


When the official release of TRS22 happens I will make a final test of some additional sessions I have made for the route and I will release them through the TrainzItalia website. If the route remains as build 5.0 I will release a set of the same sessions for TRS19. There are differences in the two sets because of the upgrades and changes that are implemented in TRS22. I will of course hold back the session that needs the tracks that N3V have broken at Rocky. If they get fixed I will rework the session and release it at a later date.

I have updated to the new Beta for PC but the problem with the West from Denver route is still not fixed.


I added the link to a picture of the problem because for some reason I am unable to upload jpg or png images to the forum!

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