Uninstalling and re-installing the S&C Pack


Learning... slowly!
I've posted a couple of times about problems I'm having with the full-length Settle - Carlisle route but I think it's a problem exclusive to me. Therefore I think my only option is to remove the S&C routes and sessions and re-install them. However, I'm not entirely sure how to do that - its Trainz Mac 2 and all my payware added itself automatically when I registered.

Can anyone help?

Hi alexl102.

Have you posted on the 'Settle and Carlisle Addon' thread under TS2009 on this Forum?

I'm not sure whether there are any compatibility issues with Trainz Mac 2 but if you describe the kind of problems you are having there another member of the Rail-Sim team might be able to help in more detail.

I would suggest checking with the N3V Helpdesk - link at the far right in the top Menu bar of this forum - about the mysteries of the automatic download system and how to delete and re-instal.

It is certainly worth being able to run S&C. :)
Hi RIchard,

To be perfectly honest I had no idea such a section existed; I'll post there and see what happens, thank you!