UK Layouts for TS2010 and above


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We've had Speedtree for a while now and some assets are better with TS2009 and above so would anyone care to suggest UK layouts that have been updated with Speedtrees and have had the more performance demanding spines replaced?

Bluebell Railway

Porthmadog- Blaneau Ffestiniog - TS2010


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Dear John

On the second section of my WCL route I removed all the tree splines and replaced with statics and now I avoid tree splines at all times preferring JVC or Trunda singles instead.
However, I think I left hedge splines in and they are used in section three.

All these are made in 2004 but load into later versions okay, I have tried them and they work.

It will be interesting to see how many there are.


I don't really download routes or layouts, but the one i'm working on might fit the bill, althought I doubt it'l be finished for a long time. But its pretty much what I want out of any route on TS12 (High Detail with good performance, speed trees, scenarios, at least that's how I intend it to be when its done).

At this point John I'll be waiting to update my routes in T:ANE, at which point not just the trees will get an overhaul but hopefully much more too.