Splines or single objects for grass and bushes in TS2010??


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I have got a general question about the choice of the right objects. Splines or single foliage? Back in TRS2006 times, is was quite easy to answer that question. Splines just disappeared from the screen quite early if the view point have been moved away from the spline object. Trees of bushes in the distance just had to be built using single objects. With the introduction of the copy and past function in the surveyor, it was not that bad anymore to cover wide areas with trees and bush objects alternatively to the usage of ground cover splines. I chose this way to create my forest at the Milwaukee Road Avery-Drexel Route, just because of the mentioned disappearance of spline objects. Later, this became an advantage as it was very easy to change all the used single object trees into Speed Treez by Auran.

Now I am back working at my Milwaukee Road Othello – Kittitas Route again, where I have to deal with bush and grass land. The problem about the disappearance of spline objects have been gone within TS2009 and so spline objects could be used for grass and bushes now. Also Auran invented the copy and past function for splines too. But in the other hand, I have read some issues that spline objects drops the performance, especially if the splines have not been created using the new TS2010 technique to arrange the tags in the config.

I just made a test creating grass and bush land using single grass and bush objects from JVC. At the screen, you can see four different single grass objects and two different single bush objects. In my opinion, it looks not bad. The only disadvantage is, that I have to erase the single objects if it appears between the tracks after it’s been pasted around. But this is not that much work.

The big question now is, what is the best technique to create such a ground cover area. Using spline or single objects, considering group objects can not be used because it would not fit onto sloppy ground. As you can see the area at the screen has a density of about 7 to 8 single objects per tilling. I think this is a good compromise. In the other hand the object density could be variable – more objects per tilling near by the track, less far away.

But again, the question is, what keeps the performance, especially the view distance in TS2010 as high as possible, splines or single objects??
If somebody knows the answer, it would be great to get some information about this problem.


Test for a grass and bush ground cover using single objects – done in TC3 for the test.


Density of single objects is about 7 to 8 objects per tilling.


Thanks TUME