Tutorials for driving certain trains


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I didn't find a category that matches this thread, so I posted this into 'General Trainz'.

Most of the trains (with cab) are very easy to drive: Simply put the direction lever to forward, release the brake and accelerate with the throttle lever. But there are some exceptions like the Moscow metro cars. They require you to completely set them up for driving (such as turning on motor). But another problem is that the labels of the controls are Cyrillic (similar to the C20, where the labels are Swedish). Of course, there are some YouTube videos that show you how to set the Moscow metro up and drive it but what do I have to do when I accidentally exceed the speed limit and this bleeping ALS thing stops the train??? In another case I followed everything of the video but the train won't move.

Summarized: It'd be cool if someone could post some step by step tutorials that show you how to drive such trains and what to do in certain situations (like an emergency brake triggered by over-speed).
Well, it's not only for the Moscow metro. This thread should collect tutorials for every train that has these setup restrictions.
Of course, but it'd still be much easier to have tutorial for all those trains at one place without having to write e-mails to the author.