TRS19 Service Pack 4 Now Live


Trainz Plus - enjoy Trainz from just 20 cents a da
The latest Service Pack (free update) for TRS19 users is now available (PC, Mac, Steam). This is primarily a bug fix and stability update.

Build Information:
Patches are available for the following builds on the TRS19, TRS19PE or Trainz Plus patch stream.
111951 > 114800 (PC)
114400 > 114800 (PC)
111956 > 114841 (Mac)
114207 > 114841 (Mac)
Steam - auto updates available.

Other build numbers:
114022 - Requires you to run a manual patcher downloaded from this link

New Features:
Water Effect Support (tools are still a work in progress)


  • Content Menu > Edit Picklist is now found under Filter dropdown > Edit Filters and Picklists
  • Fix for long loading time in MP
  • Dynamic brakes are now working correctly when travelling backward
  • Driver "under water" overlay no longer renders on top of the HUD
  • Wheelslip sound no longer playing on Steam locos under DCC control
  • Fix - Script regulator = GetEngineSetting("regulator"); returns 0
  • Fix - Steam locomotive controls 'reverse' when heading reversed
  • Fix - Portals - reversed locos cause coupler break
  • Fix the driver list allowing multiplayer clients to delete drivers (leading to sync errors)
  • Fix - MP - focus to player is greyed out
  • Fix - Multiplayer trains frequently drawn with incorrect orientation
  • Fix - Minimap consist names don't move with consist
  • Fix - Moving the camera along a consist using -/= gets "stuck".
  • Fixed Safety Valve sound
  • Fix - Object adjust height tool is jumpy/uncontrollable using ctrl or shift modifier keys
  • Fix - Newly added layers are not shown to user until the layer tab is reopened
  • Fix - Assertion when moving a trackside object from session to route layer.
  • Fix - Assertion placing traincars - ReplicationManager::CreateDynamicNodeFromNetwork
  • Fix - MPS "Find" not very robust wrt/ streaming
  • Fix - MPS route not saving client location
  • Fix sorting of multiplayer routes/sessions in the menu
  • Fix - MPS/Surveyor keyboard shortcuts not working at startup
  • Fix - Trainz calls Cabin.UserSetControl() for each button in the cab every frame
  • Fix - Loco reduces momentum instantly when decoupling while moving
  • Fix - Fix a bug in route merge which was wiping the status of session layers
  • Add extra status validity checking in the LayerTable to catch cases which might do this again in the future
  • Add code to force correct the validity status of layers on load
  • Fix a stack overflow with carz
  • Fix a crash during surveyor train editing
  • Fix - Industry loses commodities in save game
  • Fix - Assertion during Copy Paste where height is selected
  • MeshObject clutter crash fix, and assorted minor allocation optimisations
  • Optimsation - Zooming to minimap and back forces visual regeneration
  • Several DRM server updates
  • Turntables no longer leaving tracks aligned unexpectedly when using UDS
  • Fix to some track segments not rendering
  • Fix for reversed locos causing coupler break exiting portals
  • Fix to some track segments not rendering (missing tracks)
  • Copy/paste now working again (see known issues)
  • Floating objects now appear in their correct location
  • Custom filtering with a date in CM now returns correct results
  • Moving industry objects off the baseboard no longer allowed
  • Several MPD and MPS assertions fixed
  • Cloned custom picklists now working for all assets
  • Removed the two unsupported water effects bindings (feature coming in S20)
  • Water effect layers no longer cause threading assertion on map load
  • Fix for Quickdrive for TRS19 owners
  • Fix a couple of Undo bugs
  • Multiple Copy Paste no longer hangs the game
  • Apply Gradient tool now working correctly
  • Fixes for train vehicles derailing due to incompletely streamed state
  • Nav point stalks now hidden by F5
  • Fix a crash using the "Navigate to" command
  • Lights now working in loco interiors
  • Track profile no longer disappears in map view
  • Some under the hood optimisations
  • Fix for incorrect Save game error after script exceptions (and similar)
  • Fix a hang during database repair when cache files are still in use
  • Carz now pitch to match spline orientation
  • Some updates to validation and logging regarding mesh failures
  • Session layer track no longer goes missing using Quickdrive (Standard user)
  • Consists and now easily selectable in Map view
  • Fix a freeze or crash when placing Placing or Deleting "SJ Sa 1277"
  • fix a null traincontrols access on an in-deletion vehicle;
  • fix a case where in-deletion vehicles could still be picked by FindObjects;
  • changed an fbx-import-time assertion about unsupported mesh structure, so that it becomes user-visible in retail builds.
  • Partial fix - Interior shown in My Collection (now shows white instead, more work to do)
  • Partial fix - Setting an invalid texel factor log spam (some assets fixed, more remain - these warnings can be ignored for now)
  • Fix various crashes in Loop Line (DLC route in beta testing)
  • Fix for running numbers showing a white box (legacy material ordering issue)
  • Fix for LT R Stock DM" problems (assorted material ordering issues)c
  • Fix assertions and hang on loading KSC2 session (Mac)
  • Fixes to Cutscene mode
  • Fix for assertion - DriverScript::LocationMapObject> changing locations
  • Updates to texel factor error logs
  • Ongoing work with texel issues (appears to be exporter related)
  • Various MPS and multiplayer fixes

Note that some fixes relate to issues not found in SP3.
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I'm gonna wait until next week to install the patch to see what other users have found, just in case. Great job on pushing the release to us and here's to many more releases from y'all!
Each time we update, we get reports of builds "breaking their content". Usually this can be traced back to people not following our recommended procedures, so here is a guide to those steps.

TIPS for a smooth update:
  • If you manually change the name of your install folder or local data folder, then when you restart the game, a new local data folder will be created
  • If you've renamed either of these, point your new build to the correct local data folder (in the Install tab)
  • If Trainz is running a db repair, DO NOT force quit the process unless it is clearly hung.
  • If you manually move any content into a new local data folder, you need to manually run a db repair
  • If you have missing dependencies or faulty items, use List Dependencies to find what is missing.
  • Once you've found if there is a single item or multiple items, you'll probably be able to work out if you've missed installing a whole set of content from Content Store for example.

Some links to follow:
That was quick considering we tested the MPS rounds just last night.

Just waiting for the Steam version to get updated which I know might be soon(TM) :D

Downloaded and installed very quickly without problems on my SP4 beta computer. I had only read the first few points of your long list of fixes when it completed.

Installed just as quickly and with no problems on my SP3 computer.
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That was quick considering we tested the MPS rounds just last night.

Just waiting for the Steam version to get updated which I know might be soon(TM) :D


The MPS test was successful. :) (Thanks for your help).

Steam is already live.
The install was quick! I'm running the DBR right now and I'll continue on where I left off on my route building.

Thank you for the extensive hit list.
Hi Tony,

I have a string of Tank cars which I load in Surveyor and also set the hand brakes.
When the session starts they start to roll, because all the hand brakes are released....Not Good!!!
On the next track over there is a string of empty tanks with the hand brakes set.
When the session starts they remain stopped with the brakes set.


ver 114800
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Hi Tony,

I have a string of Tank cars which I load in Surveyor and also set the hand brakes.
When the session starts they start to roll, because all the hand brakes are released....Not Good!!!
On the next track over there is a string of empty tanks with the hand brakes set.
When the session starts they remain stopped with the brakes set.


ver 114800

We had some bugs reported about handbrakes and fixed those specific problems> If I am understanding your problem correctly, some cars are working correctly and some are not? If that's the case, please provide the KUIDs of the ones not working. It is quite likely it is a content specific issue. You can also try removing and replacing them in case something was saved in the session data causing the issue.
I've been working in surveyor with build 114800 for about 12 hours. This is just putting down trees, buildings, roads, textures on terrain and adjusting terrain to form small lakes and sloughs but I've not had a problem.

Thanks Tony and crew.

Cheers, Jack
Ran my session on my Alma Valley Route. Saw only one car (a semi-cab truck) on the road. No other traffic. Checked my Region and all looked fine.
Thanks NV3. Downloaded and installed without issue. No issue so far in testing. Not sure if that means much though. The thing that really struck me about the list in Tony's post was how many issues with the previous build I had never come across!
Hello there. I just wanted to let you know about a few issues that were found in the most recent update to Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019: SP4. The most notable issue is that the Bogeys on half of the Engines within the game move faster than the Engines themselves when moving, as if they were slipping, as well as the wheels having a glitch to where they still move even when the Engine is idle after being stopped. This was also a major problem for the previous update to the game: SP3. Another Glitch that I have found has to do with the track. On certain Routes, the Track doesn't act like it should, acting like it's a part of the baseboard, and not being able to be interacted with or moved to some extent. I'm not sure why that is, but it is a problem that I was wonder could be fixed in another patch for the game, along with the Wheel Glitches. Thank you, and have a good day.
Updated tonight without any obvious issues. went straight to my route and ran my session. Up to this moment I have bot determined any issues.
Installed and noticed these problems

The crossings are now clicking again,

<kuid2:66277:80005:2> UnCouplezFrom is now not working correctly, it puts the hand brake on the decoupled car, it did not before, my hump yard is now broke,

Carz drive through each other, at crossings they pile on top of each other,

Trees like <kuid2:661281:75009:1> Tree Pine 2 Random Size - Seasonal, no longer change size in Surveyor when dragging them around
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Patched installed smoothly and the game automatically ran a DBR. Seems good to me!
Everything ran smoothly.
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Good Morning Tony,
(05:33 PDT)
Thanks for the quick reply!
All the tank cars are the same. ( KUID2:348207:100950:1).
I will go and replace and see what happens.

Ahhh, Tony, you are a genius!
I replaced the string of tank cars (With the same ones) and now it all works as I planned!!!

Thanks again!!

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Thanks to Tony and crew and all beta testers
Download was fast, install without problems

Fixes repaired that were wrong in SP3
-super elevation
-not starting trains in session cause the brake was on
-the minimap in Set-Driver-Control-Rule, now functions better, TY !

Consist graphical display when you do edit trains <...........>
if we ask for a fix, completely removing is the (easy) fix?
I can shoot my self in the head for posting it on forum :-(
another handy feature gone.

Still too big driver heads in the driver list that only shows max 4 trains
The strange sideway moving slider overlaps text,
plz hire an interface designer and/or listen to advice when it is given.
I will repair it for free if asked, so it will not cost you anything

Many switches in cabs are at the wrong default position as Rbrooks repeatedly posted during beta phase
using them 1x will make them jump to the correct angle, but an obvious bug
what is the point of beta tests if the feedback is not used?
the notches are not visible (would be better if optional in settings on/off)

Physics wheel rotation
Some steam locs specially with big drive wheels, the wheels turn too fast
as p_dehnert posted a few times during beta testing, this looks unnatural.

Freeware becomes Payware

if a DLC(payware) route creator uses a freeware item from the DLS it suddenly becomes payware?
this is wrong and should not happen. example neoklai animated people.

It seems build 100240 still outclasses SP4 in many ways
SP4 is good if you just want to drive a session already made
Tane and Trs19 build 100240 are still the better choices for those that make content, route and sessions

Not being ungrateful, but fair, just want Trainz that I love to get better for all users
greetings GM