TRS19 "MyTrainz Authentication Failed"


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I have no clue why when I try to log into my Trainz account on TRS19 it just slaps that garbage in my face, I'd like to use the download station but I need to be able to log in.

If it helps, I purchased the game through Steam (you know, the PC game store thing) and am logging in with an account that is valid (Proof: It's this one)

I would just simply buy DLC through steam, but I'd rather not pay $24.99 per item that is a rip straight from Trainz 12 with hexagonal circles and "exquisite detail and sounds"

If there is no fix, womp womp, if there is a fix, yippiee!!! Excitement!!! I can fully use a game I paid $30 for!!!
Also don't just say "visit the help desk here" because I want a quick and dirty fix, and if I can't have that then too bad.
Ain't we a bit pissy, aye? This is NOT how you ask for help here. Keep this in mind should you desire to stay.

Anyway, check your internet connection. If you are on wireless, you may have a connection problem since the files are quite large and some junky wireless connections quit. Some ISPs block downloads too such as T-Mobile. If you have a router, try plugging a cable in and try again.

Check your antivirus and exclude the Trainz program and data folders from real-time scanning. That can prevent content from downloading and it can prevent the program from launching and performing properly.

If all this fails...

Contact the helpdesk here: