TRS19 - Cornish Session Pack - OFFICIAL

I don't know what's causing this issue, and it does the same with the source files as well, so I'm completely lost here. ..
I have a request for everyone, and that is to please report this bug to QA here
While I'll try my best to get it to 'load up correctly', I can't make any guarantees about it, and might have it removed from the game if N3V can't get it fixed.

Small update.

Okay, after playing around, it seems that I found a temporary work around with this issue to make the session playable.
That was the good news, the bad news is, you'll need access to the Unified Driver/Surveyor Interface in order for this to work, which is only available if you own TRS19 Platinum Edition or are a Trainz + member.

So if you have the PE or an active Trainz + membership, then follow the steps below:
1. Go to content manager and search for Cornish Mainlines
2. Right click on the Cornish route and select 'list dependants'
3. Select 'Mainline Service', right click, select open > surveyor
4. When the route is loaded, go to Tools Menu and click on 'driver mode'
5. Session should load up as normal and you should be able to play it (make sure you unpause it though). Please note that you might not earn the ratings that are counted towards your service record (TANE had this, I don't know if TRS19 still does).

For those that don't have the PE or a Trainz + membership, then you won't be able to use this work around until N3V fixes this issue.

Hope this helps.