Progressive Saves Overwritten? Solved

I have been working with an interesting route (Dearnby & District 1970's TRS2022 v4.0 (chuen) ). I fixed problems with the Schedule Library (apparently it is now unreliable and can crash TRS2022 to desktop) by manually copying out all the schedule library items' details and editing the Quick Portal Manager to no longer use the schedule library. That seemed to have gone well but it took quite a few tedious hours. As I went along I edited and saved the session and sometimes TRS2022 would require me to save the Route and the Session. Fine, I would give new routes and sessions new names (basically serial numbers, counting up). I got all the Portal Manager items to work well. (There is a couple of bad track joints to catch too.) Then I started making changes to the Route, like adding a couple of trains and editing some scenery items. Eventually I found a weird problem I couldn't solve so I thought, OK, I can go back to a previous version and go on from there. Horrors! Now it appears all my old routes and sessions have the same save date and time as my problem route and session. I can see all those old names, but when I load anything I keep getting the same problematic recent session and route. How can all those old versions now all be the same most recent version!!!, I have done various Rebuild Database and Extended Rebuild Database all along, including just now, but all my routes and sessions associated with this Route are duplicated. I also exited TRS2022 and restarted it, including over some computer restarts. Is this some sort of bug in TRS2022?
When you run a DBR, it resets the installed and modified date and time to the time when the DBR has been run. This has been a "feature" for as long as I can remember and is not unique to TRS22. As a "feature", if you want to call it that, it's very annoying particularly in cases such as this and when looking for assets installed using the Today filter.

Since you give your routes and sessions version names, just as I do, you shouldn't have a problem finding the one you want to edit. Hopefully the changes you made previously are in that version.

To ensure I always edit the version I want to and not an interim backup, I make a CDP of the route and session each time prior to editing. If I happen to have a previous version open, after I have saved a new route and session, I exit back to the menu and choose the new version of route or session I want to edit. This is the second level of assurance to ensure I don't edit the wrong route and session. If I do edit the wrong one and I've saved the changes, I have the CDP ready to restore and I can continue from there. Once I've completed my editing, I then go back and delete the interim routes and sessions, but move the CDPs in my WIP Backup directory located on another hard drive. These have come in handy. I had a route I for years and made a horrible edit-mistake. Thinking I lost everything, I was about to give up when I decided to look through my extensive backups and found a version of the route I could go back to. Recovering from that version was a bit tedious, but in the end, my new version turned out better anyway.
If you open CM it shows the modified date as the latest date after you saved the route and then did a DBR. The installation date remains at the date it was first saved so the newest installation date is the last saved route. Just make a note of the kuid and find it in the route selection windows.
Thank you @JCitron and @stagecoach for explaining about the date and time marks. I was able to dig back through the list of sessions and recover one from before I made a goof. Part of my problem was I was making so many saves in quick succession and I was getting them mixed up. Even though I *thought* I was concentrating.