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I have cloned the Mojave Sub route so I could fix the issues in the N3V published version. I now have the scenery issues fixed and the level crossings all working as intended. That done I turned to the sessions and they are all working in TRS 19 and 22 but there is one problem I cannot fix in the Mojave to Bakersfield session. There is a missing consist, I have determined that it is ATSF #991 for which there is a "991 Trigger" and the driver commands are set up for the train to run to "Mojave East" but I do not know where to place the consist on the route as it's start position.

I have checked the original installs in TANE TRS19 and TRS22 but it is missing in all of them. Can anyone help?

If I remember right that train was west of the trigger about a mile on the east bound track. Its purpose was just to pass the player's train for visual effect. It was the same train as the player drives in the ATSF #991 session. But as I remember it was removed to improve game performance. I guess no one took it out of the session setup. I was a beta tester for TS2009, TS10 and TS12 and we tested that route and session before it was released. I bet I ran those sessions a hundred times.
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Thanks for that, I guess that session performance will not be an issue now with TRS19 and 22, if it is I can always follow your lead and remove it but my next move is to add it back and see what happens. Your legacy from TS2009 lives on.

Thanks again,
I agree with adding more traffic. I've spent a night or two in the Motel 6 in Mojave on a couple of trips out west. There was a lot of trains going through Mojave at all hours of the day and night. In fact, the front desk asked if I wanted a room with or without soundproofing.

I'm glad you're fixing that route. I too was one of the beta testers and put in numerous reports regarding the broken tunnels and non-working grade crossings among other things. In the end, nothing was repaired by N3V and the route was released anyway.

Like @wreeder I too remember running that session without any reports of a missing locomotive.
The sad thing is it only took me a couple of hours to fix all the issues with the route and most of that time was replacing Clems barriers that have become obsolete. I do have written permission from Clems Widow to modify his assets to keep them around but to fix assets with scripts is beyond me otherwise I would have fixed them and kept them in the route. If N3V had taken the trouble to do those minor fixes they would be justified in having the route as DLC but I guess if you don't think it hurts revenue then you leave errors untouched.

The sessions for the most part work without changes but triggers in driver commands are lost when importing into TRS19. They are all good if I then import the fixed sessions into TRS22.

I have added the missing 991 consist back into the session and it works in both TRS19 and 22 with no problems. My next task is to get the two tankers over Tehachapi sessions Ettore and I put on the DLS to work and then I will have the full working set.
This is an old topic, but I have the 2012 version installed. The 991 train is indeed on the eastbound track at the 370 mile marker, just short of the JR Signal Offset for signal 370.2

wreeder's answer probably worked just as well

thank you for the precise location for 991, I had placed it several hundred yards away from the correct location but it did work in the session but now it is on it mark.

That is brilliant thanks again.
Hello Bob,

Apologies for butting in on this thread, but I was wondering if you could give me some tips.
I also own the Mojave Subdivision and was considering revamping it for TRS19, and wanted to know if you could suggest any specific upgrades you made? Personally I am going to start with new track and matching roadbed textures.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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Hi Tony,

You are starting from a much more ambitious point than me.

What I did was rework those things that were broken during commercial updates or not working due to assets becoming obsolete.

Several tunnels had vegetation and a fence inside them so I repositioned those items to the ground level.​
Several tunnel entrances had been displaced in respect to the dig holes so I realigned them.​
The Junction Walong West was so close to the underpass tunnel the ballast was corrupted so I moved the junction until the textures were not disrupted by the tunnel mouth.​
I then reworked all the road crossings because the BNSF50 barrier and gantry assets sadly no longer worked. The changes I made were to replace the ATLS controller and slave with the latest version on the slave/controller and slave trigger. I used the RR Crossings but I may try changes because the Bell logic seems to be messed up with the new arrangement of ATLS controllers or maybe my application of them.​
Finally I replaced the obvious old style "foldout" vegetation near the tracks with better looking bushes and shrubs.​
Modest changes but they are the only ones within my capabilities, I maintained the track as close as possible to the original because I wanted to keep all the sessions including No Camp Fires and the Tanker sessions from the DLS. I still ended up having to delete the consists in every session because some were lost in the substructure of the map.

Seasons Greetings to You and everyone at the Forum.
You are welcome Tony, have fun because I still think this route has a lot of potential .

As an edit today I have found The BNSF50 Grade Xings do work just as well as the RR crossing assets so I will revert to the originals and do some tests. I should point out that I am doing all the edits in TRS19 and importing them to TRS22. I do that because I have found the editing sessions from TANE and earlier in TRS22 causes signalling malfunctions but for some strange reason an imported session works correctly.


I just got this worked out. WIP but taking shape!
Note-some tracks needed a fine tooth comb for height adjustment.
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Number one I appreciate the work your doing. I did it years ago for myself. And I don't use any Trainz version other than TANE SP1. I live in Kern County and before that I used to go to the Motel 6 in Mojave just to go train watching up at Walong and beyond, back when you could drive to the loop itself. To make a short story long, that's a heavy ballasted line. I know that the "Purple" track seems a bit much. Changing the environmental settings helps, but the track itself to me captured the look at time. What I'm finally getting at is there are other JR tracks on the download station. Remember it's just my opinion.
If anyone is looking for inspiration I strongly recommend looking at "Mojave Sub Division - TRS19" by hiawathamr on the DLS. That is by far the best clone update I have seen and puts my feeble efforts into perspective. Is is so good that all the sessions both supplied with the original route and provided by the community work on the tracks with all the in session triggers, track marks and speed limits placed perfectly.

I take my hat off to him.
Yes you are right but what is "legal" is to clone a DLC route and upload it to the DLS because only people who have the original DLC route installed can use it.

The author also states that clearly in the description for his update if you double click on the asset in the DLS.
If that is the case, I think I’ll really work on this remaster I’m doing. Would I be able to reach out to you, @DennR for beta testing at some point, if you would like? 😁 I don’t know all the details to do that but I know that people have.
Good day - Is it possible to use the sessions that came with the original Mojave that came with my purchase of TRS22 Platinum for use in the updated version mention by DennR in post 15?

I downloaded the updated route by hiawathamr, however am not sure if I can use my other sessions.

Thank you

Sorry for the delay but I have been blocked from posting to the forums because N3V could not send email notifications to my registered email address. Zec has now reset my account but confirmed that they were not aware of the issue so I hope it can be fixed.

To the point the route by hiawathamr has been so expertly crafted that all the original sessions work perfectly when moved to it.

The process is simple but for personal use only:-
Open the config file to edit and change the map kuid number to hiawathamr kuid for his route and save it.
Then in CM commit edits.
The session will now be moved from the original route to the new route.

For my personal use I have gone one step further and given each session a kuid with my ID so I can keep the original sessions with the original route as reference.