Transferring route from Mac to windows

I have my route build on my iMac (TRS 22 build 122419) and would like to transfer it to my laptop (Windows 10). After reading the instructions, I entered the Local data folder from the iMac into the laptop but it did not load the route.
Your suggestions and comments are most appreciated.
Cheers, Mike
Export the route and session if you have any to a CDP.
Import the CDP into your Windows version.

You'll probably have missing dependencies. Don't panic.

Right-click on the route and download anything from the DLS.
Any other missing assets will have to be transferred over to the PC the same way. For built-ins and DLC make sure you download everything available to you in the Content Store. This will ensure that you have that stuff too.

I've used this method to go from desktop to laptop and from one data folder to another without any issues at all.
Thanks John
Could you guide me thru the export and import process of my route? Also what does CDP stand for?
Thanking you in advance for your help
Cheers, Mike
I am reading about CDP, thanks for the link by the way. If I click on my latest update of my route and export to CDP would that get reviewed by TrainZ staff and if approved would I just go into my laptop and import CDP. Would that work, sounds simple enough?
Cheers, Mike
There is no review/approval process for exporting to CDP. That process is only for uploading to the DLS.
I'm sorry! I know the good sound advice here is excellent but... Don't export your own routes to CDP, this may cause corruption if you are working on a larger route.
Try this method:

In Content Manager, right click on your route you wish to backup or in this case transfer! Choose, Open then Send to explorer. This will take you into the main folder of your route, at the top of the address bar go into 'Editing' then copy & paste your route folder onto a place you can find it, such as your desktop. Back it up, preferably in a rar file and not a zip

To reinstall your route: Load up Content Manager, install content folder! This would save you a lot of heartache and best of all if something goes wrong or you need to revert something you always got the backup to return to ;)