Transfering Spline Data from one route to another route

I have a created a terrain for a route I am building in Trainz 2022 using Transdem. However I would like to additional spline data from Java Open Street Map into the route. However I cannot edit the route I am already edited in Trainz. So I will need to export another route using the same files I have used for the route I am currently editing. Rather than starting over, will it be possible to transfer track spline data from one route to another route with identical number of baseboards and baseboard layout by copying .trk files in config folder?
Your best bet is to regenerate the route again in TransDEM, but here's the thing. If Java Open Street Map generates .KMZ files, you can import those into TransDEM and generate your track automatically when you export the route from TransDEM.

Copying the .trk file into another route presents problems because the track location is tracked within the route data. If the route is different in any way compared to the original from where the track came from, you'll can end up with weird results if not no track at all appearing. As always, make a backup first before trying something like this.