Trainz Plus Membership Changes


Trainz Plus - enjoy Trainz from just 20 cents a da
More announcements will be forthcoming, but this is just a quick heads up that we're currently in the process of making some updates to the membership options and offerings.

As part of this process, Gold and Silver Class members will no longer need to select DLC items in the Content Vault section of MyTrainz.

Instead, all DLC items will be available in the Content Store > Purchased tab.
Today's new DLCs don't appear searching "preview" but under their full name. Is it intended/related?
I am a little confused after reading the email newsletter about revised Trainz Plus status and features.
I am paid up until September 2023 paid annually.
Do I have to do something to retain Trainz Plus in it's revised role on November 29th ?Thanks
Colin R.
You don't need to do anything if you are a Plus or Gold member. Your Plus will become Trainz Plus Standard and Gold will become Trainz Plus Gold. Those on Silver can continue to use Silver membership but Silver is no longer available for new memberships.