What Happened To The Amtrak Superliners, Budd RDC Pack and Remodeled Class 43 HST Pack

Now, I've seen all three of these dlcs before, which, when I first played Trainz 22, they were readily available to download with a Trainz+ Gold membership. Currently, I can't see them anywhere in the content store despite having Trainz+ Gold on Steam. Now, I'm not sure if Steam handles Trainz+ Memberships differently from the Trainz Store, but what ever happened to those three dlc items for Trainz+ Gold?

I did hear that some issues with the Amtrak Superliners were keeping the Amtrak Superliners dlc from being released as purchasable Trainz 22 dlc, but I haven't heard or saw any updates about them since, and I don't know what happened with the Budd RDC and Remodeled Class 43 HST. Does anyone know what's going on?
IDK, but I wish they would release the Superliner DLC on Steam. It would go perfect with Flamerailzzz's Payware Viewliners.

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Hi All
Due to the way that Steam requires DLC packs to be handled, the exclusive DLC packs included with the TrainzPlus and/or TrainzPlus Gold subscriptions will be shown in the Steam version's Content Store under their ID numbers, which are as follows:

Budd RDC-1: simc:1193
Superliners: simc:1187
BR HST: simc:923