Trainz on Multiple Monitors


Hi, I use 3 monitors on my main machine used mainly for dev work but also for gaming. Most games that I set up to run across all 3 monitors using AMD eyefinty work fine however TRS19-PE (TRS22) only pick up the screen resolution of the preferred monitor (1920x1080) instead of 5760x1080.

I know I can put Trainz into windowed mode and stretch it across the full resolution but that gives you the full bordered window and looks, well rubbish. what I wanted is the ability to play full-screen 5760x1080.

With S20 and the multiple tool palettes this would seem to be a sensible option, more screen space, can have all the tool windows on the side monitors and a clear centre monitor for the actual work area.

Yes Martyn good suggestion
posted this 2 year ago wishlist

Here I use [27][28][27] monitors both for work and play

For a small company it might be hard to develop this
but can be done step by step:
1> The mapview (minimap) as real floating window, so it can go on another monitor and you always have a topview
2> Asset viewer (like the Preview asset viewer from CM)
3> Trainz chat (without all the login/logout spam)
4> Asset Window, as it is actually a modified Content Manager
Well, I agree. Multiple monitors support would be great so count me in on this one.

People likely don't respond because most likly don't have two+ monitors or they realize this would likely be low priority on the "enhancement" list.
I'm in this too and mentioned it in the TRS22 thread. MDI is there for Content Manager but not for the rest in S2.0 but the palettes tear off and are moveable only within the application frame. Given the size of the monitors, moving the palettes to another monitor is very useful.
I use a 2nd monitor for another sim (dispatching board) and it's great. I would love to run '19 and '22 with the map on 2nd monitor while driving as well as use in Surveyor.
It's been requested so many times. I've given up on it. :(
There's a number of games with the same issue, that I'm wondering if there is something more fundamental to it.
Me too! I use run time monitors all the time for session development, and I'm constantly having to move them around so that I can see the main action as well. It would be great to be able to put them on my other monitors.