Trainz NEXT- what Routes and Rolling Stock would you like to see included?


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I know this has kind of been done before, but with a new version of Trainz on the horizon, which routes (and stock to go with them) would you like to see included? Here would be my ideal selection:

Northeast Corridor - New York/ Philadelphia/ Wilmington in the 1970s and early 80s
Stock included- GG1 in PC/CR livery, E44 in PC livery, E60 with Amfleet 1s, Metroliner in Amtrak/PC livery

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway as it is now
Stock included- Double Fairlies, NGG16s, K1, Taleslin, Blanche & Linda, Lyd, Vale of Ffestiniog and the modern coaches

Tōkaidō Shinkansen (Tokyo-Atami, 95km) in 1986
Stock included- 0 Series, 100 Series and Prototype 951 Series Shinkansen

Manchester-Sheffield-Wath "The Woodhead Line" in the mid/late 1960s
Stock included- Class EM1, Class EM2, BR ex-LMS 8F 2-8-0, Class 08 Shunter, Mk1s in Maroon, MCV Coal Wagons

ECML London-Edinburgh in the 1980s
Stock included- InterCity 125, Class 55 'Deltic', Class 47, Class 31, Mk2s and Mk1s in Blue & Grey, Class 105 and 124 Transpennine DMUs

Sherman Hill Cheyenne-Laramie in the 1950/early 60s
Stock included- Union Pacific 'Big Boy', 'Challenger', GTELs, F7s, FEF No.844, various UP Freight Cars, UP Passenger Cars

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, India as it is now
Stock included- DHR 'B' Class, DHR Garrett, NDM6 Class, Passenger & Freight cars

So there's my dream selection, but what would you like to see? Some of these have already been made (WHR, DHR, ECML, Sherman Hill) so their inclusion in the game would be fairly easy with the permission of the various parties involved.
Best you read the release info on "NEXT" - it will be routes you and your fellow trainzer's create and have on it the rolling stock the individual decides to put on it once the route is published on the DLS. Unless it is created and sold on the DLS. From what I understand because the route is created online it would have to use DLS assets only (I may be wrong here) and any 3rd party rolling stock could be free or payware.