What Locomotive would you want to see in Trainz?


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I figured that this would be a thread where everyone can post what locomotive they believe should be available for use on Trainz. However, to keep the suggestions at a minimun, here's some rules:

It needs to fit in the following categories:
Steam-powered (i.e. steam locomotives, steamboats, etc.)
Internal-combustion (Diesel locomotives (Diesel-Electric locomotives also fit into this category), Gasoline locomotives, etc.)
Electricly-powered (i.e. trams, high-speed trains, etc.)
Other (Turbine-powered (Steam-Turbine included and ones that use fuel used in internal-combustion locomotives are included in this category), Magnetically-powered, etc.)

Only ONE entry per category

You can choose to list one suggestion or multiple suggestions, but it still must be ONE per category.

Suggestions only apply for objects that you would like to see available FOR FREE, reguardless of whether it's on a third-party site, or on the Download Station

Here's my list:

Southern Railway (U.S.) Ps-4 4-6-2

Southern SD9

Milwaukee Road EP-2 Bi-polar

Pennsylvania Railroad S2 6-8-6 Steam-Turbine

How about everyone out there?
No contest, an Alcohaulic:


OK, the pic is pretty big. But this needs to be done in Trainz.


Go to this http://www.wx4.org/to/foam/sp/locos/hydro/oktoberfest.html

"THEY" don't want you to see this. :eek:

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Hmm Interesting I may make some of these as long as A they never been built into Trainz B there complety 100% custom.
A Brittish BR 27000 or EM2 or class 77 or Dutch NS 1500.
4 different names, 1 locomotive.

Why is it not in Trainz?

Plans for the Virginian 2-10-10-2 appeared in the August, 1967 issue of Model Railroader Magazine on pages 36 and 37 (hint hint hint, lol).