Trainz Mac question


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Hi all,
just a general question about trainz on a mac: Are there documented issues with downloading from the DLS or other websites for content? Anything and everything downloaded from third party motive power websites such as TPR, USLW, VMD, etc, have not downloaded any dependencies at all. Nothing has worked. Any documented complaints with this? just curious.

Usually the dependencies of locos on third-party sites will be separate downloads on the 3rd party site itself. If dependencies for an asset are on the DLS, they won't be downloaded automatically either after installing a CDP; you have to manually add the item to the Download Helper to get all the dependencies.

In either version of TSMac, you will be downloading off of the DLS for other items on the DLS or third-party objects. I haven't had any problems, except faulty dependencies, but that's a different story. If you download an item off of a third party site, let's say a route, it will not automatically download all required dependencies. You will need to find the item, route in this case, click "View dependencies" after a right click and then go through and download each item there that says "Available for download". If you're installing a .cdp file and the item that should be in it isn't there, the file would be corrupted or there was an error. There is a window that comes up when a file is downloaded or installed - check it for errors. Hope this helps enlighten downloading on TSMac.