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Today an update and a hot fix was downloaded for TRS19, and I watched it for 5 minutes. Now everything that I downloaded from the Content Manager is all labled third party. The only items that are not third party are the ones that came with the game. WHAT HAPPENED? I also have TRS22 and Trainz Plus on the same computer, but have not downloaded anything from the Content Manager. Any ideas?
Highlight the assets and choose revert to original. That should clear the flags and reset the assets to their proper status. I've had this happen myself and DLC content was marked modified which screwed up a lot of things. The revert to original thing fixed the assets. If it doesn't you may need to run a database repair.

TRS22 and TRS-Plus are two other separate installations and are not affected by the ills of another, so they should be fine.
Oh, that's awesome! So, the famous restarting the computer really fixes problems after all. :geek: