new route - how to measure?


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Hi everyone. After purchasing a TANE Trainz and a week of downloading content (and i'm just at the beginning (-:), it is time to start what was my intention: a new route. I know that a single square in the surveyor grid represents 10 metres, but i wonder, how to make a trainz model of a real landscape. When i was using trs 2004 some years ago, i printed out a determined part of the world from google map, took a piece of transparent paper with squares drown on in, and somehow devided a real world map in squares, each square in that sheet representing a tainz map portion. Since this is quite a painstaking process, I'm asking, if is there is any online tool, which is good for somehow copy google map portions into a Trainz route. Because I would like to build my own route with as far as possible realistic distances. i also have this question: I've downloaded trainz content cdp or zip files from some content creators websites. How do i uppload them in TANE?

It's paid but TransDEM will allow you to take a DEM map of somewhere in the world & convert it to a Trainz layout... There is also enough people around with copies, that if you find someone & ask nicely they may be willing to export for you.
I've downloaded trainz content cdp or zip files from some content creators websites. How do i upload them in TANE?
Welcome to Trainz. This is only the beginning of a very long and addicting and sometimes frustrating hobby.

To install third-party assets such as these you need to do the following.

CDP files can be dragged into Content Manager.

At the Launcher, click on Manage Content.
Where it says Installed, click that and change that to Open for edit. (This is my recommendation and you'll see why later.)

Drag the CDP file(s) into the Open for edit screen.

The assets will load. You'll see a progress bar as the assets appear in the screen below.

If there's nothing left in the window, you are all set.
If there are items left over, highlight them.
Right-click and choose Rever to Original from the menu.

This will close up any opened assets that are already installed and is important for any built-in or DLC assets to work properly.

Installing content from Zips, 7zip, and RAR files is similar.

Using a utility such as WinRAR, you can easily open up both.
When you see the CDPs inside, drag those into your Content Manager window and repeat the above steps.

There are many other things that can be done with Content Manager and this too is only the beginning!