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Has Trains Exchange really been down for maintenance for a week? Or, more likely, is it me?

I have never accessed Trainz Exchange. I made sure I was connected to the Internet. Have Given access to Launcher.exe, ContentManager.exe and trs2006.exe. Username and password are in Options.

You know, if someone at Auran acknowledged people's posting and registration problems, one day I will be able to follow the link.

Can you possibly give a brief precis for those of us who can't see the message?

If your having problems connectinf, trust me you aren't missing much. TE has always been a disapointment. It rarely has anything you can't get from the DLS, Forums, or main site.

Its pretty much obsolete and will be dropped from all future versions of Trainz. Forums, newsletters and our website are all far more popular and easier to recieve communication.

That being said, it certainly isn't down for maintenance.

A couple things you should check:
1. If you go to the trainz launcher, and the options screen, is the always online check box checkmarked?
2. Are you connected to the net when launching TRS2006?
3. Have you followed the instructions in the readme file? You need to place the Trainz software and CMP into the Exception list of your Windows XP firewall software.
4. Make sure your user id and password are correctly entered into the Option screen.

Kashirigi - next week for forum access. sorry for delays.
CMP Download Down

I have been trying unsuccesfully to use the CMP Downloader for the last week. I am a registed user and the database is updated every time I Open the CMP, but downloads indicate the server is not availble.:(
Is it availble?