Trainz Download servers outage - 25/10/2023 (resolved)

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Hi All
The datacenter hosting our downloads is currently having technical issues, which is impacting some of our servers and is beyond our control. This will affect the downloads for Trainz installations, patches, downloading DLCs and the Download Station. We will post an announcement once we know this issue is resolved.
Once knew a mechanical engineer who designed and built factory machines, Erik said that when you do the probability math, it is amazing that a machine with a couple thousand parts which are each 99.99% reliable ever works at all.
I took his word for it since he was in the business and that kind of math is not my strong point.

Yes, I know servers and software do not exactly compare to factory machines, but when one combines several thousand components of hardware with multiple thousands of lines of computer code ...
... I expect the principle holds true to perhaps an exponential degree ...
A large computer network I managed was brought down by the failure of a single micro-transistor, which would have been worth less than 1c. The transistor was in one of many optical fibre connectors that connected many network hubs situated over a wide area on different floors. Its failure produced a jamming signal that blocked the entire network. It took a while to locate but less than a minute to replace the faulty connector and restore full network service. The faulty unit had a black carbon mark where the transistor had been.
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