Trainz 19 makes computer sad face and restart


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Why? It does it at random after I load Trainz 19 even just the box where you start Trainz. It might happen several minutes later. If I don’t have Trainz loaded at all, the sad face doesn’t happen. If I have other demanding software going on at the same time could that cause it? I use Media Center to record TV on the computer with a Ceton 6 tuner with a cable card, and I also have a Tivo to record additional shows and I use software to download them to external drives hooked up to my computer. What I might have to do is use my mom’s computer up in my room and put Trainz 19 on that since my main computer has memory hogging things going on. My mom passed last June 14 in the hospital because her breathing was bad and she was on a vent and it had to come off after so many days. She passed several minutes after it came off. She had a smaller HP one than mine. She just used it for email and facebook, etc. and browsing the web and playing games once in a while like where you match things, etc. I can’t really get another computer right now because I spent a lot of money recently on things and my mom’s sister is my payee now for social security and my uncle is handling my younger brother and I’s trusts that our mom set up with him. I have to ask my aunt and uncle if I want something expensive. They live 60 miles away from me. My brother and I are mentally disabled and don’t drive, our father passed March 8, 1986 and my mom met other men, and Dec 1993 she met a man in a club and in early 1994 he started living with us because he had no place to go and he didn’t want to go back to his parent’s and sister’s house, they had a tree farm and his parents passed away but his sister lives in the house with a couple who rents. The former tree farm is about 15 miles west of me. My mom’s friend drives us around and stuff and gets us food, sometimes we go to a nearby restaurant, or he’ll get easy to heat food at the store or farmer’s market. Sorry for the long post but I’m trying to describe my life. I have been unemployed since Dec 2000 (fired) I worked at a nearby Cracker Barrel for 4 years washing dishes and putting the clean dishes where they belong. I also worked at a Roy Rogers at a travel plaza near me from spring 1994 to Nov 1995 and got let go. I had a job coach help me. I guess I will have to try Trainz 19 in a different computer. When my computer sad faces, I lose whatever I was doing and I lose whatever I was recording from TV on Media Center until the desktop comes back and the recordings resume.
Trainz can be very CPU intensive rwk, and I imagine using it at the same time as streaming video would be a constant major load. Do you have an app that can monitor the temperature of your CPU?
What does it mean when the network is at 100% sometimes? That happens when I download tv shows from my tivo onto external hard drives. It jumps to 100% then goes back down back and forth. And at the same time Media Center is recording. I guess the computer has to work harder. But, my cpu isn't maxed out. If the cpu would get to 98-99% does that mean it's overheating or overworking or both? I have a fan in the computer. Maybe I should use a different computer for Trainz 19 because running it plus other hogging programs probably causes Windows and the cpu to freak out and boom, the blue sad face screen appears without warning. The sad face only really happens after I load Trainz even if I don't go into Trainz and just browse files in cmp. If I don't load Trainz the sad face doesn't happen. If I load Trainz and leave the box open and wait a while, sad face and I have to let it reboot. I might try moving Trainz 19 over to my mom's computer since she is gone since June 14 last year and see if that works. But it might just have on board video card and it's a slimmer model.
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Have a look at running everything else on your mother's old computer or stopping everything else when you run Trainz.

Network at 100% just means the internet pipe to your computer is full. The CPU / GPU are different.

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Trainz, by itself, can demand more than a lot of PCs can handle. And you are streaming stuff while trying to run Trainz? You are asking WAY more than the average PC can handle. More than even a rather good PC can handle.