Topology , Displacement Map Disapearing


The River Run
Hi everyone ,
This is a problem I have with Tane SP and previously with TS12 .
For unknown reason when I want to use the displacement map (Advance Topology) the tool seem to disappear, meaning that only the windows "None" and "Custom" are left. I have to reboot several time to get the other window back (Displacement, valley, hill, montains etc.....) Is this a bug inherited from previous versions , or is there something I do wrong?
Any help will be appreciated
Are you zooming way out?

The tools will disable if you are zoomed way out. I found this out the hard way, and it's a confirmed bug which will be fixed.
Hi JCitron,
Thank you for your reply, I am not to sure about the zooming out, being the issue. At times the displacements maps are just no there. and as I said I need to reboot the program several times before those maps reappear. In my humble opinion it has more to do with the "default Scenario" if it's save or not. At this stage I am not able to reproduce a solution to this problem. Perhaps if you could forward my thoughts to the people concerned it would be greatly appreciated
Kind Regards