Displacement map, wiki and Trainz 22


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I've been playing around with programming and displacement maps. As such I've been trying to figure out things. I've updated the wiki. I hope the result is understandable and helpful. I put in a link from this wiki page to the Groundbrush KIND wiki page.


Displacement maps are for height adjustments, not placing a map on the ground to trace tracks, roads, etc. The image map is just an eight bit grayscale image, either BMP or PNG. Black would the lowest elevation, and white the highest elevation. In the file black would be color 0 and white the color 255. Unfortunately, this works out to a small elevation range of -127 to 127 in height, with no partial heights. This may work for some uses.

There are three files required for newer versions of Trainz. Built in displacement maps are Trainz-build 2.9 in Trainz 22, however I get warnings unless I update config.txt to at least 3.5, however that also means additional tags and a thumbnail is required. The three files that are needed are "config.txt", displacement map image, and the thumbnail image.
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