This one has me stumped !


Tram Fan
In both TS10 & TS12.

I have two tram tracks in a cutting WITH tram stops almost opposite one another (cut and cover/ not in a tunnel) they are set up to work (in sessions) perfectly and have done so in both TS10 & TS12.

However when imported into "Tane" The passengers on one platform are up in the air about two metres. the second set of passengers are still at the correct height.

I do all the building of the route in 12 and then import updates into Tane.
I have tried replacing and/or repositioning the offending tram stop but it still wont stay in place in "Tane".

Please don't telll me to make the changes in Tane as I won't make changes/or save in any route in Tane until it performs better.

Any suggestions Please ?

Hi Norm,

Are the stations identical?

There is an attachment point issue which is being addressed and this is what this appears to be.

For kicks, try a different station and see if it fixes the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions John.

I have spent a couple of hours trying various Tram stops but without success, Switching between 12 & Tane every time.

A little more info about the Tracks & cutting, the cutting ends at the entrance of a tunnel located in a dig hole (so I could place a tunnel at the angle required) and if I move the second T/Stop closer too the tunnel then it also has the passengers UP (UP and away) too match the first one.

Hmmm I smell a rat.

Logic told me that if I move the problem T/Stops away from the tunnel and match the two together about the same distance from said tunnel they should work ----Bingo that remedied the problem.

May be a clue ? or not ? as I also found a Red Track marker at the Tunnel entrance facing "across" the track, not able to move/rotate or delete, Damn.

Now a similar problem has appeared at the Tunnel Exit (also in a dig hole and continued Cut & Cover Cutting).
The extra "concrete cover" used to hide holes around the portal, has changed it's height as well ! what Next ?