One froggy tale of a TANE ladder lever or two.


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I've just imported my biggest layout ever from TS12 into TANE and had to fix a number of crap that didn't work right. One of those things were the spline points along my north and south yard ladders where levers are at.

AI was simply failing to throw at least two of these levers to drive or back onto the parallel tracks. AI would drive right past the intended turnout or drive into the wrong turnout right next to it. I had the damnedest time trying to troubleshoot this. I even tore up all the track in my yard and re-laid it to no avail still. I finally noticed that some of my levers appeared too close to the frogs along both ladders. I decided to move the spline points further away from the frogs and replant new switches there and, voila!, AI now will take these turnouts whenever commanded to couple to consists via those turnouts.

This same route in TS12 did not cause AI any issues there. TANE just seems allergic to switches located too close to frogs. That's all. TANE is a more fussy program in some respects.

Here is a photo of a frog pair and a corrected lever along my yard ladder and you can count track ties to see the minimal recommended distance from a pair of frogs of the turnout before it. You can see my lever now is about ten ties beyond the frogs instead of a mere five as before when the stupid AI driver with mustache and glasses, Dave, was acting balky.

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