Conductors bell (for driveable trams & buses)


Just now, Dearnby & District V3.1 route & session are being built to include driveable diesel and trolley buses. These buses were usually stopped and started at a bus stop by the conductor ringing a bell to signal the driver to stop/start so passengers could be loaded/unloaded.

There's one script on the DLS giving such a driver-command:

<kuid:329364:1660> Conductors Bell by pev - "No restrictions other than acknowledgement of original authorship by PEV".

However, the asset info says that it works for only for TS12; and there's been no update. When installed into TRS19 there are no errors or warnings shown..... but the script doesn't result in any audible bell ring when invoked within a driver session.

Can anyone give advice about how to amend the script to make it work as intended in TRS19 (as well as TANE and TRS22)? The license from PEV allows reuse in non-commercial routes, as I understand it; which presumably means an amended/updated version could be constructed with an acknowledgement of PEV as the original author?