The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images


CNR, your photos just continue to amaze me. The last two are really realistic. Good job:D
I worked some time ago with the Canadian railway on the Detroit - Toronto area and upper Ontatrio. This is my remnant of this work :)

I have to agree, those CP boxcars are beautiful!

Alas, I cannot find them. I typed in "boxcars project" on the DLS and found nothing. Then, I searched under your name and found nothing...:'( so I'm at a loss as how to get them.

Could you be so kind as to give us the KUID of them?


Gisa ^^
Actually I lost my TRS a few days ago with all stock I had in it :confused: And since I stay in the states now, a long way from my home in Poland, I can't lay my hands on any TRS2004 copy :/ So I don't remember the kuids...

As far as I remember the author of this pack was named "Cozmo" or "Cosmo". I searched for them typing "CP" as title or "CP Boxcar". The screen was blue with white letters "Boxcar project".
Thanks for the info kilanziom! If you want to get a hold of a copy of trs2004, you can order it from Auran on look on Ebay, although I think the price would be about the same either way.

As for the creator of those cars, it sounds like something Cozmo would definitely do. :) I probably have them in my rolling stock but I haven't gotten around to using trainz lately.

FYI, you can put a command into the trainz options.txt file which will tell you any items kuid in surveyor (it will appear in the bottom right corner). I don't know if it works for anything else but trs04 but the command is


I will take a peek in my rolling stock sometime. In the meantime, if anyone else has those boxcars or knows their KUIDS, please be so kind as to let us know. :)


Gisa ^^
I believe I found out where to get those cars. They were indeed made by the talented and kind soul named Cozmo. :cool: You can get them by searching under his user name on the DLS or by going to and searching under rolling stock and downloads. ^^

Enjoy! I know I will! :D


Gisa ^^
;)Thanks for the compliments, I'll make it easier for you all. Click the link in my signature to find my content on the DLS.

Cosmo, are those CP boxcars released yet? (I have some of your CP's, but not those.) If so, which pack?
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