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This is a fictional UK route attempt. Feel free to skip to the pictures if my rambling wall of text is too much!

Through the years I have made several attempts at making my own routes. I tend to not make it further than a single baseboard diorama that end up being used for a screenshot or two and then promptly forgotten because the inspiration for it vanishes. I mostly stay away from trying to recreate real railways as I find I do not have what it takes to make accurate scenery and track laying worth doing.

This route attempt is a fictional one, but instead of going completely from scratch, I have decided to try different approach. While composition of the route itself is made up, the track, stations and general scenery will be heavily based on different real life locations and railway lines. This allows me to hopefully create a realistic looking route while not worrying if everything is where it ”should” be.

What’s up with the name?
When Edh6 released his first Great Eastern Railway locomotives a bit back, I got bitten by the pre-grouping bug and wanted to make a GER themed preservation era route. After finding a forum thread somewhere (cannot recall where at the moment) where the discussion of fictional village/station names to use on a model railway eventually led to reusing names of lost/deserted settlements, I had a good place to find towns to repurpose.


I eventually settled on two names to form my fictional place; Godwick and Egmere, for the sole reason of calling it the Godwick-Egmere Railway, or G.E.R., for some very not so subtle reasons. While that version never really got anywhere, the names were too good to just forget about and I knew I wanted to reuse it for something down the road.

The route
I have decided to try and keep the route limited to the pre-grouping era for as long as I can, if for no other reason than to see how long I can keep it that way. The road types I am using might already be out-of-period, but oh well!

Godwick is the first section of the route and is heavily based on Cromer, with the location of the station being based on Cromer High Railway station (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cromer_High_railway_station & http://disused-stations.org.uk/c/cromer_high/index.shtml).

Two GER Medium station buildings have been rotated and merged into one slightly larger building.

more views:
1. https://i.imgur.com/01MIO8t.png
2. https://i.imgur.com/UJUbPCO.png
3. https://i.imgur.com/dpNhaHe.png
4. https://i.imgur.com/A7vaq0v.png

My usual go-to platform assets are those by Itareus, the C+ lineup. However I wanted to try something different and ended up using various splines to achieve the look I was after.
Clearance between platform edge and locomotives is enough for an A1 Pacific, but a GWR Manor will damage its cylinders and upset the stationmaster by destroying the platform.

A1 Pacific: https://i.imgur.com/ZTVqgNS.png
GWR Manor: https://i.imgur.com/qsNCkoR.png

The platform walls are R3 UK station platform brick wall by rumour3.

The white platform edge is an asset called Car park kerb by ray_whiley

The platform surfaces are of nexusdj's Platform tarmac surface 6m 1970s (the 1m, 3m and 7m types are also used)

A yard based on the one that existed south of Cromer High. I have have no idea of its purpose other than perhaps store and shunt wagons due for the goods shed near the station? Might be removed or reworked, depending on if I can work out what it is for. If anyone has an idea, or knows the answer, I would love to hear it!
map link: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=52.91700&lon=1.30977&layers=168&b=1


Tunnel near the yard entrance: https://i.imgur.com/pYLVZZM.png

The NLS map website I linked previously shows the section of line beneath the bridge going into single track, I have yet to decide if I want to keep it that way or not, but I will most likely go double all the way.

The signalbox down the line from the yard, the furthest south on the route so far, with a line diverting to the left and going down to another section of track.

A road bridge further down: https://i.imgur.com/RgswYiO.png

On the left, the line goes through a tunnel that is beneath the points to the mysterious yard in the previous pictures. On the right, the line up towards the bridge and the previous signalbox.

The rough location of the real-world Roughton Road station. Will most likely not make my own version here, as it was made it the late 1980s. Perhaps if I try a BR Blue era version though.

And lastly, a screenshot showing the map as it currently stands.

So far I am feeling happy about the progress made. Insperation comes and goes and sometimes life gets in the way, but if I do make the route somewhat presentable I will upload it, quite a long way indeed before that though!

Thanks for having a look!
Certainly an interesting layout project. I particularly like the creative way that you built up the station.
Certainly an interesting layout project. I particularly like the creative way that you built up the station.

Thank you, very happy with how it turned out. :)

The "Roughton Road" section has been updated with some landscaping and a road, just enough to give me a point of reference for when I do the actual scenery pass much later on.

The route has also been extended a tad east, to the point of where the real-life railway would cross the Northrepps Road.

Alt. view: https://i.imgur.com/OwGH1XG.jpg

The "Northrepps Road" railway bridge

Roughly 6 km/4 miles as the crow flies, is the routes second station. While my name for it is undecided at the moment, it is based on Sheffield Park station on the Bluebell Railway. Currently using the C+ platform set by Itareus, but will replace them later on with the same type at Godwick. Unlike the real station, I will most likely extend the platform slightly.




My take on the bridge that crosses the A275, south of the station.

Lastly, the route length as it currently is. Will rework the long and barren section between the two current stations, possibly some curves to make it visually more interesting.
@Jetekol: Tackar!

The phoney Sheffield Park area has seen some further work. Light scenery additions which include some texture work, hedges and a small river.

Alt. view: https://i.imgur.com/zLZF0mp.jpg




I have yet to decide on a name for the station, but Alethorpe is a strong contender for now I think.

One of my first major hurdles with attempting to stick to pre-grouping UK is the lack of speed signs and the like. Some attemps at recreating NBR style boards as described on Railway Signs and Signals of Great Britain (https://www.railsigns.uk/sect13page1/sect13page1.html) has resulted in these makeshift speed boards. From what I understand, speed restrication signage were not too common Pre-1950s/60s BR days, but the line looks rather 'naked' without signage! I could of course go for some of the white cast signs for a circa 1938 LNER take on things or just use invisible speed restrictions and forget about it. Decisions for the future, but one thing I can say is that my current attempt is a bit fiddly, three to six assets to make one sign is a bit bothersome!
Some further progress has been made!

A tunnel has been added roughly North West of the previously shown station, currently dubbed Alethorpe. Experimented with a few diffrent styles before picking the one I ended up with.

Facing towards Godwick station

Towards Alethorpe

Alethorpe station has reached a point where I think the trackwork and the station buildings are done for the moment. Not much has really changed here since last time with the exception of some light terrain work, smoothing out edges and such.


The next staion (circa 5 km down from Alethorpe), is probably the last (or perhaps penultimate) stop before Egmere. This station is based on Willoughby Junction, East Lindsey. The point and track work was a nightmare to sort out but it looks good enough I think. The curves are a bit sharp, but from what I can gather somewhat close to how the tight the bends were in real life. Gresley Pacifics are probably not best suited to make it down this junction, at least not with a train of coaches trailing behind it. Then again, I must admit I do not know how tight a curve would be too much, perhaps at a low enough speed and running 'light engine' it would work in reality.



Going back briefly to the Godwick area, I have decided that marking out the rough location of the roads might be a good idea.

Placed down some buildings to get an idea of the layout, once I actually being work properly the idea is to have this section slope, like the real-life location in Cromer.

And to finish off for now, the entire map. From Godwick to the latest station it is roughly 10km in a straight line.
Thanks very much for posting this thread Swedish Magnum - it's fascinating seeing someone's route-building thought processes explained, especially when it's high-quality work.
Can I ask what assets you've used for the Northrepps Road single-track bridge and also the Speed 35 miles signs. There's a dearth of old type renameable signs in Trains and these look impressive even if they are fiddly.
Please keep posting - it looks a very promising route.
Thank you both for the very kind words!

Can I ask what assets you've used for the Northrepps Road single-track bridge and also the Speed 35 miles signs. There's a dearth of old type renameable signs in Trains and these look impressive even if they are fiddly.

The bridge is made up of two assets, both by samplaire:
Two bits of SAM VS Bank 6.6 END v1 (kuid2:132952:100924:15) with the bridge asset SAM VS Viaduct 6.6m v3 (kuid2:132952:100941:13) added afterwards.

The left variant of the speed sign is made up of three VR Station Sign Timber - 5l (kuid:103475:28053) assets by s301, stacked on each other.

The right hand variant is made of the following:
VR Station Sign Timber - 5l (kuid:103475:28053)
VR Station Sign Timber - 5l-c (kuid:103475:28077) x2
Text White 020 (kuid2:489332:34501020:1) x2, for the words "SPEED" and "MILES". Asset by Danielmueller.
Text White 030 (kuid2:489332:34501030:1), for the speed limit number

Hope that helps!
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While deciding on which station to base Egmere on, I decided to do some scenery work. Passengers, platform lamps and seats have been added to all currently existing stations (Godwick, Alethorpe & Wallingsby).

Godwick station

The tunnel between Godwick and Alethorpe
Facing towards Alethorpe

Facing towards Godwick

Alethorpe, which has the distinction of being the only station so far without duplicate passenger assets and still looking busy enough.
The drain spline which can be seen on the platform was how I aligned the seats and lights in a (somewhat) straight line.

A Signal box between Alethorpe and Wallingsby

Wallingsby yard and station (now featuring the platform type as used on the previous locations).


The end of the line as it currently stands. Next stop, Egmere (probably)!
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Excellent progress so far. Looks like this route will be brilliant when the scenery is complete.
In Middleton for laptops I created a platform for loading sheep and cattle. It uses a tram stop underneath but it does load visible sheep and cattle. If it would be of use I can see if I can cut it down to just the platform. Currently there is a lot of other things in the mesh.

Cheerio John
The route is shaping up really well and it's certainly interesting to see it developing stage by stage as a WIP.
Thank you folks!

In Middleton for laptops I created a platform for loading sheep and cattle. It uses a tram stop underneath but it does load visible sheep and cattle. If it would be of use I can see if I can cut it down to just the platform. Currently there is a lot of other things in the mesh.

Cheerio John

Very kind of you to offer! While the final design is not set in stone, I have been experimenting with various other assets to augment the S&C cattle dock however and got something I am happy with for the moment.

Multiple attempts at making the end (or perhaps start) of the line later, I have gone ahead and begun work proper on Egmere. As it stand for now it is based very loosely on Loughborough Central Station on the GCR. Track work is not sent in stone and the platform is a tad too wide I think.

Looking from Wallingsby towards Egmere

The curve leading into Egmere station. The left over measurement lines south of the current location of Egmere marks the rough area of the original place for it.

The platform area as it currently stands. Tempted to add another platform here, but I have not decided yet. As mentioned earlier, the width might need a trim.



How the route map looks at the moment

The distance from Wallingsby to Egmere has been extended once and I might to it again. However the time it takes to travel the length of the route at roughly 25-30mph probably makes it a decent enough distance. Before any further tweaks to positions to stations I will take a train out and see how long it takes from one end to the line to the other.
With my Norfolk layout I found that about an hour for a passenger service to travel the length of the layout was about right. Any more than that and boredom starts to set in.
Part one of the pictures I'll post today due to the limit of embedded photos per post.

With my Norfolk layout I found that about an hour for a passenger service to travel the length of the layout was about right. Any more than that and boredom starts to set in.
Never gave much thought to that before, but that is a good thing to keep in mind!

Been feeling bit under the weather so motivation to build has halted somewhat. However, I have done a non-stop run from Egmere to Godwick and back. This to see if I had any major faults with the track work and how long it would take to travel at around 25mph. It is my understanding that preserved/heritage railways in the UK are limited to this speed so I thought it would make a good benchmark of sorts.

My test train for the day is the excellent NBR L or M class atlantic by Edh6 with three NBR coaches. Here it is a few minutes after leaving the at present rather sparse Egmere.

Approaching Wallingsby


Going through and leaving Wallingsby



The Signalbox that marks the rough mid-point between Wallingsby and Alethorpe.

Having just about gone over the bridge before Alethorpe before steaming through



The tunnel between Godwick and Alethorpe

Pictures continues on next post.
Leaving the tunnel.

The first bridge after the tunnel and the long length of track after it


The final approach towards Godwick

The crossover just before entering the station yard of Godwick itself.

The view from the Godwick station signalbox

Godwick station itself.



As the train comes to a stop at Godwick, 25 minutes and 45.45 seconds after departing from Egmere.

Pictures continue on next post.
The coaches are reversed to allow the locomotive to run around and return to Egmere.



And away we go again.

Once again we eventually reach the tunnel. It is recommended that one closes the windows on the carriages while travelling through this section.

Unless of course a compartment full of smoke is something you enjoy: https://i.imgur.com/Hj7FSal.jpg

Rapidly going through Alethorpe to reach Wallingsby again




And at last, 56 minutes and one second later we arrive at Egmere.


The journey went alright, found some spots of track that needs to be fixed but other than that I think it went rather well. Once I sort out Egmere and some track sections here and there I will soon be able to tackle the actual scenery.