The blue screen with sad face


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I left TANE running all night last night and when I woke up in the morning my computer had the blue screen with sad face and I had to reboot. I'm going to shut down Trainz before I go to bed from now on and not leave it sit in a large route that hogs resources. I had reinstalled Trainz 19 a few weeks ago and so far I can leave that sit and it doesn't sad. My older 19 installation would randomly sad face after a while. I went in to TANE to merge smaller routes to a larger route of the eastern PA/NJ area such as Harrisburg, PA to Manhattan and NE PA (Reading and Northern), Philly, with some SEPTA lines, etc. because they wouldn't merge right in 19, it would sit there while merging and I would have to quit the game by ending task. TANE seems to have no problem with merging.