[TRS22] Weird behavior with old west (V&T) passenger station and coaches (pencil42 assets) makes them unusable


OK, so you know how when you stop at a station, you temporarily lose control of the locomotive while passengers are loading/unloading, and then control is returned and you can go again? Well, I've tested several combinations of passenger stations / coaches that use the "passengers western" (<kuid2:63290:600009:1>) and they all refuse to return control to me. In fact it appears that the loading / unloading procedure never happens, since the coaches remain empty.

It gets worse...

Normally to "stop" at a station, you need to actually, you know, stop. But with my V&T passenger train, just rolling past a station is all it takes. I cruise past a station at 20 MPH. It seizes control of the train, shuts the throttle, and slams on the brakes. I get a "rough handling" alert, which I ignore because that's what you do with rough handling alerts, and then I sit there in limbo forever because it won't return control to me.

One thing I've found that does work (partially) is to have my driver get off the train and then back on. This returns control to me. I can then start moving, but I only get about 6-8 chuffs out of the engine before the station notices me and takes back control, forcing me to stop again. I just repeat this a dozen times to get past the station and my sad, empty can finally go.

Has anyone else had this problem, or have an idea how to fix it?
This has always been the way it is due to the station script "grabbing" the consist and going through its routine. There's a cutoff of a specific speed where this occurs and it appears you found it at 20 or 25 mph and below. You see this when you attempt to drive the train from a standstill after getting on and off because the train isn't active until you or an assigned AI driver take control of it. Unfortunately, this behavior is built-in into the station script and there's not much you can do other than go a bit faster through the stations.

As far as passengers not appearing inside the V&T passenger coaches, I don't know much about them. It's possible there aren't any passenger attachment points and the station is going through the motions of adding passengers to the coaches.