Missing dmdrake buildings from TPR


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How can I get dmdrake's Baltimore and Washington buildings if the TPR site no longer works? Wayback wouldn't even work because you needed to sign in to download. They are needed for farejoint's routes. I combined his routes with my own baseboards and Philly to Wilmington to create a longer Amtrak route. I thought I had them in the past but they are on an old Trainz installation I can't access right now on a different external drive. I would have to move everything over to the current C drive and there isn't enough space to move the files over like Trainz 12 or the pre-SP4 TANE. How do you substitute unknown assets? I think replacing the kuid's in the config works but I want the original buildings not different ones. I think they are splines. I don't want missing buildings, either. I actually had an installation of 12 on an external drive and found the files on there but I wish I could get the other buildings in the series like Harrisburg, PA, cities in New York State like Syracuse, Utica, and Buffalo, etc. Maybe I could contact dmdrake about the other buildings if he is still active.
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You can't replace the KUID in the config.txt file. The KUID in the config.txt file is for reference, removing or replacing the KUID in the config.txt file will only last until the database is repaired. The reason is the actual reference to the assets is in the mapfile.obj file.

If your drive is external, can you plug that into your USB port?

If it's an old hard disk, you can always open your computer and use one of the other SATA data and power cables to connect the drive.
You can open CMP from any drive, it doesn't have to be on your C drive. Find the files and open them for edit. Then go into the editing folder and copy not move the folders there to another location. Revert the files that you opened for edit and close TS12.
Open CM for whatever version of trainz you want to add them to and drag and drop them on the CM screen. If they don't have errors then you're done.
What is the solution for replacing assets then if they are missing and the files no longer exist on the web and you don't have a backup of them and you don't know what type of asset it is, only the username of the person who created it? So the config replace is only temporary? But I tried it in the past and the assets actually do get replaced in game. I found the Baltimore and Washington buildings in an external hard drive that had Trainz 12 installed on it. I was able to boot Trainz 12 and found the files in cmp and saved them as cdp's to install in Trainz 19. I don't use 12 anymore. What happened to all of dmdrake's buildings from northeast US cities that were on TPR? Are they no longer available anywhere? They aren't on the DLS.
The general procedure is to post under "Missing KUIDs Post them Here" up in the General forum, and people may at least be able to tell you what they are. Then you have a couple of options:
- if it is an object like a building, you may go over the route looking for the orange wireframe box that represents the missing asset, place a substitute object there of a reasonably similar type, and select "Delete Missing assets". It will delete the missing KUID, leaving your new object in place. Of course, then you have to save the route under your own userID. OR you could use the following method for just the one object as well:
- if it is something there are a lot of, like pofig trees or something, you can clone a newer, similar tree asset and assign it to the old missing KUID number. Then the route will just use it in place of the missing tree. I think this may work for textures as well, but I am not sure.
- if you look over the route and don't see anything missing that ruins the route for you, you can just go to "Delete Missing Assets" and delete them and be done with it, but again, then you have to save under your own userID.
what license do these assets have?

If we can gather them together and the license is OK I can probably find room for them on JATWS.org

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The license isn't very helpful:

license "Remains property of David Drake"

There's nothing here about distribution elsewhere and only his email address (not sure if it's still working), and a link to his moribund website.
He has over 8000 assets on the DLS most are TRS2004 and if I remember rightly he created under a different name when he ran out of kuid numbers. Have you checked the DLS?

Thanks John
Dave hasn't been on the forum for about a year or so. In my last communication with him (concerning all his DHR items) he gave Euromodeller and me permission to alter "whatever we needed to." I'll see if I can raise him and check if he meant everything he uploaded or just the DHR items.

I've spoken with Dave on Facebook a few times, and asked about his content. He said he is no longer into TRAINZ and said he hasn't had any of his old content for several years. I asked about his TT&BW route and it is gone also. I don't believe I have the structures you are referring to either. He was a master creator for many years!