Terrain Textures for area around Quarry


So on this route i'm making based in Utah there is a quarry, its working and ive done basic textures and such. Now i would want to know what could i use to transition out of the quarry to regular natural land. As seen in the two pics below what textures could i use to blend the quarry in with the hills around and what could i use for the hills around. I want the general area to be filled with trees and green vegetation but i am a noob when it comes to texturing.

Any help is greatly appreciated
My suggestion is to aim Google Maps (R) or Earth (R), at the location where your Quarry is located, and get an overview of what the terrain you see around the location of your quarry is. Once you have a feel of what the terrain actually looks like, I think choosing terrains and vegetation should be pretty easy.

Quarries are big holes dug in the ground. Its rare theres any "Transition" at all, except the line where the Machine Made Hole in the Ground stops, and the vegetation starts again. Usually this is further dilineated with a fence to keep trespassers out, but not always, depends on how close the hole is to civilization and how active the digging is.

After that, for Green Textures, I can only suggest to follow Mjolnir's advice. I will add though, that just like Object assets, Textures really just take some time to get to know them. Find a spot on your route you don't care about (Or make a spot, add 2-3 Baseboards in a straight line away from the RoW and use the last as a Pallete) and just go looking through your Textures. Check ones with names that sound like what you're looking for. Check ones that have a thumb that looks like what you're looking for.... Check them randomly.... Doesn't really matter how you do it, just start tossing Paint until you find one you like. Just don't forget the Ctrl Z key to undo.

Finally, something I found that helps alot, is find the Veggies you want to use first (If you're going to use 2/3D veggies), and plop some of those down so that you can get an idea for which texture might match your veggies.

This is what I did with my granite quarry on my Cape Anne route. Notice the steep drop off with the rock exposed. I suppose it depends upon the type of quarry operation, but most are holes in the ground. It's difficult to see in the screen shot, but there is a chain link fence running around the quarry to prevent unwary folks from ending up in the pit.

Andres, one thing to consider with respect to a quarry in Utah: while it's true that in some parts of the state you'll find green textures and large trees to be appropriate, in most parts of the state you'll want brown or brownish textures, and small vegetation, because there is little rain in Utah.

What you might want to do, too, is open your route in surveyor, save it under a new, "throwaway" name (one example would be "Quarry texture testbed") cut out most of the route by deleting the baseboards, and use the copy of the actual quarry to experiment with textures and vegetation.