Sydney Tram and Trolley Buses


Just call my Captain Rude
Screen shots from two routes being working on -=- Sydney Trams the entire Sydney Tram network as in 1960's.

Some of the Route

Watson Bay Line

Fort Mac Depot

Out on the Watson Bay line

The Gap

And another Sydney Route Kogarah (Sydney) trolley bus route as in 1959

Looking really good Bearcat! It looks like quite an undertaking... Keep up the good work!


p.s. Just a thought .... you might find less people look at your pics, as every imageshack thumnail comes with a pop-up. Try embedding the full picture, or using photobucket...
Excellent work Bearcat 245.

I was just wondering, are your creations only available from the download station, I've been trying to download your cable tram dummy and trailer but without much success.

Keep up the good work.

Nice stuff Dave but why not link direct? this is screenshotz? :D
Whoa big job!

Hey Dave,
Yeah! Blow 'em up nice and big, Be proud of 'em!!!
Busy,busy, I can hear the collective groan from our processors already.:)
Well done !
Keep ya trams & ya TBs rollin'.

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I've got to say that I love the Cable tram model. Do you mind if I ask are there any Sydney Steam trams available for Trainz?

Hi BearCat,

Wow what an undertaking!. This will be awesome!
You have now entered the realms of Roy; who's doing that huge Sydney layout (with Harbour Bridge etc).

From what you've shown here work is progressing nicely.

As a young boy I used to stay with my grandparents at Rockdale,
& I was fascinated with the trolley buses.

I'm looking forward to see what you do at the Rockdale section.
Especially at the railway station, where they turned the buses 'round.

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Hi GeoffreyHansen

Yes Bearcat did some Steam Trams and the Trailers for them, not sure if there on DLS, there was another one that was basically a repaint of a britsh one too.

For the people outside Australia, the shot of Fort Macquarie Tram Depot is where the Sydney Opera House now sits.
Damn. I really should start to sell my collection of Sydney tram destination rolls...

Beery though, great progress. It's a near forgotten part of Sydney history, and this project really reminds us of times that were.
Hi bearcat

Hi, can anyone make trams from the sydney metro light rail?
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Glad to see your still around

There was actually quite a collection of Sydney trams I had lots of fun beta testing Ronayne from lots of different classes, not all were passenger enabled at the time and most only worked in 2004 sadly.


Added : just check DLs again an he has updated a lot of them to work on 2009 Sp4 / 2010 by the looks.

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