Suggestions for Jointed Rail (Not Locomotives)

csx early ES44DC in the 5200, 5300, 5400 and 5500 class including units such as 5500 Spirit of Cincinnati and 5327 WM Heritage.

Sorry to tell you, but you've got the wrong thread. This thread is for suggesting rolling stock, buildings, track and etc. There is a dedicated locomotive suggestion thread at the top of the JR forum.
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tank cars from the 1960s-1990s would be nice seeing as there's not very many good models of tank cars from that era.




Not sure if this is the right thread for this but maybe you could add Traction motor sounds to the new Gevos and AC44C6Ms. I mean, if RRMods can do it with their new operator series AC4400CWs, surely Jointed Rail can do it as well.
New freight car and load (both similar to things done in the past) ((Couldn't get image to load.))

8 Axle/4 Truck, super heavy duty flat ((to add to the 6 axle flats)) & crashed widecab load ((to add to the crashed 100Ton hopper, Tank Car, and Gp9 loads already available)).
May have already been discussed . But how about a release of the PRR signals . { pay or not } It's been a while since the release of Tide-water route with the signals pack . But I've seen other's post of unreleases version of these . And I would love to see these on our routes . Mine for one to say the least . :p But if this isn't posable , for any reason . I like to know either way . Thanks in advance .

How about adding working toilets that get clogged and have a stench so powerful that saying awful would be an understatement like on real locomotives? /s
How about buildings like yard offices that don't only operate on dayshift but operate through night mode? How about light posts that actually work at night as well. These aren't the cases with my stock on TS12. Yeah I know, I'm way behind...
I know that locomotives are where the money is and are more "sexy" than train cars or commodities and I will acknowledge that JR has put forth many, many wonderful train cars, commodities, and structures. However, would it be possible to someday put out some modern train cars (new age coil cars, 5431 Cu. Ft NSC covered grain hoppers, reefer cars, auto racks, etc.) and 53' reefer type containers and new age 53' and 40' containers?
Many thanks and please keep pumping out the great content.
The reason why he left is because he couldn't fit trainz into his schedule anymore due to him having a job as a railroad engineer. Not sure why he took his site down though.
I believe he said that he was looking into having his content hosted somewhere in the note he left after his site closed. Granted, it's been a hot minute since it closed, so who knows what the real possibility there is for that now.
I haven't uploaded a photo, but I sure would like someone to issue an updated version of the green-on-green Northern Pacific North Coast Limited with all the different coaches and cars from the 1960s. The only ones out there now are looking pretty grayed out.