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I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jointed Rail and Approach Medium for the fantastic way they have released the updated Dry Brook & Esopus Valley RR for TRS 19. They could have easily packaged this up and forced everyone to purchase it anew. They however have released it for free to previous purchasers of the DB and I think that it should not just be glossed over. So, Thank you all for this. By the way, I have had a quick look over it and it looks fantastic. Keep up the fantastic work there at Jointed Rail and as always, another great product from Approach Medium. Cannot wait for what is next!
I was considering purchasing the route and was wondering if there is a list of what was updated? Also are there any screenshots or videos available of the route showing the updates?
Nothing major was updated. The update was mostly to bring the route from TANE standards to the latest standards that Trainz 2019 introduced. Basically all the trees and shrubs were updated from billboard ones to 3D models, environmental settings were updated, some buggy freight cars were swapped out, and a few minor scenes were reworked. I think I added some Turffx grass here and there and that's about all.
VR Stockyard Mesh Library is faulty, texture errors that the PEV tool can't fix. It's a dependency for something.
Why is it faulty for me, though? Where did you get the file from? I deleted it and had to get it back off a Russian site. Because it is faulty, the fence that it is a dependency of won't display. It is red in Surveyor and when I click on the fence it gives an error box saying spline or asset missing. So, that means wherever the fence is on the route it's invisible and I have no idea where he placed the fence. I'm going to look in my TANE to see if there is a non-faulty version there and try to import it to 2019. It works fine in TANE but not 2019. Why does it have errors for me in 2019? It does say payware and has those pesky texture files which sometimes error when you move the asset from one Trainz version to another. But the texture files can't be fixed by the PEV tool so I'm stuck with a missing fence unless someone has a solution. The fence itself isn't faulty, but the mesh library is which causes the fence itself not to work even though the fence itself has no errors. Can I change the dependency to something else in the config of the fence? I think what happened is that a TANE only asset slipped through which will not work in 2019 and it can't be fixed. I'm patched to the latest SP5 version, but there's a newer version that says Steam on this site where it lists the available builds. I figured out what to do. I'm going to delete missing assets and look for the white dashed splines on the route and put other fencing there manually where the splines are. I think that is the only solution in my case. I found a similar wood fence by clam1952 that has no errors. There is a wood fence by gfisher not on the DLS with the same texture error issues and the errors can't be fixed with the PEV tool. Tony Hilliam said in another thread that you can't move built in or payware assets from one Trainz version to another by cdp. It has to be done by installing through the Trainz Store or if the asset is on the DLS redownload it. That is the problem with routes that use TANE only or earlier assets that aren't in 2019. If the only way to get the TANE asset in 2019 is to import a CDP from TANE, you will get texture errors and there is no way to fix them with newer assets. The VR fence is broken in 19, at least for me.
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