Suggestions for Jointed Rail (Not Locomotives)

Since this is a non-engine suggestion thread, I think this should go here.

I think JR should try and find some new samples for enginesounds. I'd love to see a deturbocharged 12-645E3 on the '39 series, a turbocharged 16-567D3 for the '35 series, a turbocharged 16-567D2 for '20 and '24 series engines and a few others. Trainz has a lack of good enginesounds for certain locomotives, and I think JR does it best with their high-quality enginesounds.
Bridge mounted variants of their fabulous JR Hall Semaphores by wearsprada. I'd love to ditch the dwarf searchlights in my 3 or more track sections.
These cars were EVERYWHERE back in the day. I believe SP/SSW had over 5,000 of these cars split between the different class subtypes.
you mean like these?
Not so much a suggestion, but more of a question: Any chance there's going to be some more Jordan Spreaders now that Audie is at JR?
Any plans for Jointed Rail to LED G-style Tri-lite Signals? If you look closely at the pics I included, check out the texture style of the LED lights on those sigs. I think they should add these to their roster of signals since they're out there. Would be really cool if they did.

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I realize this would be a large undertaking but a full work crew would be awesome. The flatcars, housing, tampers,spikers,undercutters ect. an entire rail work train.