Suggestions for Jointed Rail (Not Locomotives)


I thought id start a thread so people can post what they think Jointed Rail should make objects scripts locomotive effects so heres my list
Breakdown chance- Probably near impossible to do however i think with enough time JR could pull it off
Track scripts- Such as for Scratchy's Pittsburgh sub route on the curves when heading up to horseshoe curve youll hear this The track Squeal/whine
As far as locomotive scripts go i would love to see a script for Echoes for the horns and enginesounds however this should be a toggle feature so it can be turned on and off according to the route
so just my 2 cents for Jointed Rail
Realist GEVO-12 sounds... Esepcially when they are screaming and realistic Dynamic braking sounds! I love those things when they head into Dynamics!
I haven't checked to see how it's done, but I've got boxcars right now that I downloaded from the DLS that have flange squeal when the cars go around curves.
3 part hornsounds(horns that are quillable)
I would start doing more of these but the three-part system in TRS doesn't fade right, so in between the horn_start and loop sounds there is a one second period where both files play at full volume with no crossfading, causing a spontaneous loud burst of honk. If N3V fixes this transitioning issue I'll consider making more than the few tests that I have now
Gimme til tomorrow and I'll post em. They are in a preset consist so I have to figure out which cars they are and double check it's not the track... (now that I think of it) but the track is Auran Oak 2009 or Auran Jarrah 2009 so I don't think it's the track.

I'll get back to you. offers a pack named "132# Jointed Rail Track" or "#132 Jointed Rail Track" that features tracks that have a squealing sound that may work for your need. I tried using it with the Jointed Rail track, but the roadbed for this track is not as 'wide' as the Jointed Rail track. The pack also comes with a texture that matches the roadbed that the tracks use.
Wait, is it Jointed Rail Track, or JointedRail track? :hehe:

So, at I find (the hard fuggin way...)

None of those names match exactly, can you say which one you were thinking of? (BTW I think 132lb Rail Joint is a track object, and not actual track)

Meanwhile, I had a look and I was WRONG. The flange squeals I hear were coming from SPAWNING cars emitting from a Portal Basic Short nearby. It seems that the sound comes from the game engine as I can't find it associated with ANYTHING, not bogeys, cars, locos, or track (or even the portal)....

Sorry to have misled you.... :(
I didn't check every single page - USLW's site seems to be designed to KEEP you from finding things....
I didn't check every single page - USLW's site seems to be designed to KEEP you from finding things....

I know when they became part of Jointed Rail, they changed the site, then recently, they overhauled it, and now there is a "store" that has some of the free stuff in it too. I have to agree, it is pretty difficult to find anything, and I'm not sure if there is any search functionality on it now, but last time I used it, it never was really able to find anything. I've got to agree with you there, Ted!
Well I agree too!! USLW is on the list for a complete overhaul after the 1st of the year. So much to do and so little time to do it!! ;)