Stops and Timetable Manager Rule & AJS station assets with multiple platforms/tracks


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Stops and Timetable Manager Rule & AJS station assets with multiple platforms/tracks

I am using the Stops and Timetable Manager rule.

The station asset I'm using is AJS Invisible Station 2T 4.0.

Testing a train outside the station, in a session I can 'AutoDriveToMCPathStop' and '#to next MCPathStop' and the green driver command icon states that it is approaching the correct station. It then stops at the correct stop trackmark.

In further testing and to get the train to the same station, I select 'SetMCTimeTable' and '#autoselect' followed by 'AutoDriveWithMCTimetable' and select next stop in the timetable (or another final destination further down the timetable) and it shoots straight through the station, with the green driver command icon not stating that it is approaching the station (as I think it should). The intended stop is the first in the timetable.

This doesn't seem right. Is the 2-track station asset to blame?

EDIT: the AutoDriveWithMCTimetable does not work as intended if the first station in the timetable is the 2-track station - it does work if it isn't the first stop.

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Hi Paul.
I have just seen this evening your post. I will certainly try to repro your problem probably on Thursday or Friday this week. Can you tell me under which TRS19 build do you encounter this problem so that I try to repro the problem under the same build if possible ?
I don’t see any reason why the 2-track station asset is to blame, as AutoDriveWithMCTimetable relies only on MCPathStops with their stop name and ignore totally the station asset.
If you can package in a cdp your route and session (with also any dependencies not available on dls) and send it to me it might help to to find more quickly the problem.
wahts going on?

my train is stuck at an entry signal to which the train is a misson code enabled but mcm can only set first path but not search ahaed for the next path activatino since theyre eligible and should auto path route to destination.

Current Stop: Hammersmith
Destination: Paddington
driver 'xxx' can only proceed to next entry signal after mc was callled with the ITAssignNextPath command executed
stops at next "controlled" signal and refuses to clear as expected after the follow path option is set to "on path activation". Believe it or not the "ITAssignNextPath" command is meant to assign the following eligible paths givwen with the associated mission code to a train. In this case it does not look forward past THIS firsat entry signal.
Most of the time 85% of AI are "stuck" due to loss of route calculation and drivers cutting off jobs.
As Simon says "wahts going on" I mean seriously really what on earth is going on? Is the MCM or IT bottling up with rocks in the system? Has it got close contacted with Sarscov2 thats why it went limbo with the AI train operation and was unfit to manage the whole signalling system cos of slack signallers walking off the job?
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