Mission Code Stops and TimeTable Manager


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Once again I'm experinecing problems with Mission Code Stops and TimeTable Manager from pguy.
When I try to open this session rule, I get an error: PropertyNrowserRefresh() not handled. A script error occurred while attempting to edit the properties of this asset.
This happend to me while trying to see list of timetables in four different sessions, so I don't think the sessions are causing problems. In each of these sessions I have 200 to 210 timetables and this used to work untill today.
Have you tried an extended database repair? Sometimes that fixes things when using pguy's rules.

These Kuids are faulty after d/l <kuid2:61392:8324:3>,<kuid2:61392:8330:95>,<kuid2:61392:8290:95>,<kuid2:61392:8322:95>,<kuid2:61392:8200:95> Trainz Plus SP3 build 123794

These Kuids are faulty after d/l <kuid2:61392:8324:3>,<kuid2:61392:8330:95>,<kuid2:61392:8290:95>,<kuid2:61392:8322:95>,<kuid2:61392:8200:95> Trainz Plus SP3 build 123794


First last version on DLS for asset <kuid:61392:8290> MissionCodeLibrary is now <kuid2:61392:8290:96> and not <kuid2:61392:8290:95>. To avoid mixing old versions of assets with last updated ones, you should download and install first last version of MissionCodeLibrary from DLS. And after installation and having checked there are no pending opened for edition assets, you should do a database repair that should most probably clear all the errors.

If it is not the case, you will need to a a full database repair (deleting all cached information and recompiling alll scripted assets in your configuration) by holding the CTRL key while launching the database repair.
Do not forget at the end of each database repair to quit all opened Trainz windows including launcher and then relaunching again Trainz, as some cache cleaning operations are only done when the launcher is started ...

Normally doing all those steps should clear all the errors you encounter, which are caused by some incompatibility between some cached scripted assets and the new scripted assets versions installed by the update.

Hope this helps.